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Tevent Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Best Event Platform 2023

You want to host a virtual event but don’t know how. You’ve tried using other platforms that were too complicated or lacked the needed features.

Tevent lets you host virtual events with all the features you need, from one-click templates to interactive features like chats and contact cards.

Plus, you can customize your event space to fit your needs, with as many parallel sessions as you need.

With Tevent, hosting a virtual event is easy and fun. Participants can interact and collaborate in real-time using chat, emojis, polls, and Miro whiteboards.

Hit Enter Tevent.

Hi there, My name is Akram; I will discuss Tevent – the best webinars and gathering platform.

Tevent Overview

Tevent allows you to host meetings, webinars, and interactive gatherings on the same platform.

You can host your virtual event using their one-click templates, and you will get auto-generated registration pages.

Source: Appsumo

Using Tevent, you will be able to encourage P2P networking with its interactive features and make your event networking more effective and easier.

Tevent Best For:

  • Content creators
  • Marketers
  • Small businesses

Alternative to:

  • Airmeet
  • GoToWebinar
  • Hopin

After completing your virtual events or meeting, you can easily record them and share them with your friends and teams.

Tevent is always special just for its amazing real-time interactive features that will make your conference or meeting more effective and engaging.

Plus, you can record your virtual events and share the links.

What for Tevent?

In Short, you can use Tevent for business and Community. If you want to set up a business, you should use Tevent.

I will explore the reason behind the Business and Community build up below;

Tevent Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 1

For Business

Using Tevent’s interactive webinars, you can boost return on investment and leads right from your webinars.

You can host a super engaging and interactive website that allows you to record, stream and share with a single click.

You can connect with your customers at your personal level and access their premium features on any plan. No worries about pricing.

Let’s have a look at the highlights of the Tevent Business below;

Tevent Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 2

Interactive and Effortless Webinars:

Tevent enables you to engage your audience and bring them on stage; record your webinars and play anytime you need.

Tailored Pricing:

With Tevent’s webinar, you can maximize the return on investment by customizing your plan that meets your needs.

You just need to focus on your customer engagement and outcomes, nothing else.

Your Own Branding:

You can showcase your brand in Tevent’s dynamic spaces that retain leads by hosting all your events under a single page, which would be personalized for you.

So, Make your own Brand and own Space.

Use Tevent and host bespoke webinars that allow on-demand recordings and effortless online event management.

Tevent Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 3

For Communities

Tevent provides dynamic spaces where your community can easily join, engage, and collaborate with each other.

With personalized Space, you can grow your community effortlessly.

To grow your community Tevent will help you rest of your success with its intuitive features and services.


You can build a space that for permanent for your communities. Also, you can connect and network on your personal levels, such as through chats and group meetings.

Connect and Create:

Tevent provides a Room feature where you can easily collaborate in timeless rooms. You can empower your community to get together and collaborate effortlessly.

Brand Connection:

In Tevent, you will get high-quality premium event and webinar templates that you can utilize to create instant agendas.

Just customize and go for the action.

Tevent Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 4

Why Should You Use Tevent?

With Tevent’s features and facilities, you already know you can host super exciting events and webinars under the same roof.

Host your interactive virtual webinars and boost business ROI and retains leads simultaneously.

It provides interactive features that can encourage peer-to-peer networking and make your business more beneficial.

It makes your business and community building easier and more effective with dynamic space.

Here are a few bullet points that you will get the answer for using Tevent;

  • Cultivate Community
  • Rooms
  • Dynamic Space
  • Integrate with Miro
  • Insightful Analytics

In short, it will help you manage your remote business and engage your customer in real-time webinars. Also, you can share a recorded copy.

Wanna try?

Tevent Pricing Plans

Use Tevent and make engaging and accessible webinars with ease.

It comes with three amazing plans;

Crowd, Gathering, and Summit.

Crowd Plan $0/mo:

  • 100 Ticket Credits
  • 1 hour-long event
  • No login, no-download entry
  • Customizable Registration Page
  • Access Control – Open or Invite Registration
  • Invite via Link or Email
  • Customizable Event URL
  • And more.

Gathering Plan $24/mo:

  • Everything Crowd Plan Features
  • 200 Ticket Credits
  • 1 hour-long event

Summit Plan $124/mo:

  • Everything Plan Gathering Plan
  • 500 Ticket Credits
  • 3 hour long events

Or, Get Tevent Appsumo Lifetime Deal Plan Only For $79.00.

Also, enjoy up to 95% OFF from every Appsumo Lifetime Deal. And Tevent is one of them.

Appsumo will help you reduce spending money on software with its Lifetime Deal pricing.

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Tevent Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$79]

Host your virtual event without extra paying to the platform and get access to all of Tevent’s interactive features.


  • Lifetime access to Tevent Summit Plan
  • Everything Summit Plan Features
  • 400 free tickets per month
  • 1-hour maximum length per event
  • Unlimited events

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Final Talk

What do you want? Always need interactive features? Wanna host virtual events?

You must look at the Tevent for once.

Tevent is more affordable, effective, and interactive for managing a business and building community easily. With the power of Tevent’s features, you can manage remote meetings and get engaged with your audience.

So, don’t get late.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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