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Seers Lifetime Deal & Review – All-In-One Data Privacy & Compliance Solved For $69

Compliance with data protection regulations is a difficult task. Yet, privacy and ethical concerns are always on your mind when you’re browsing the internet.

What if you could gain trust with website cookie consent management, plus control cookies and other tracking technologies with a single platform?

Introducing Seers.

What is Seers?

Seers is a no-one-leading privacy and consent management platform that lets you easily comply with data protection regulations. 

You can block tags, third-party cookies, banners, and trackers until the traffic consent. 

Seers is an alternative to OneTrust and Secure Privacy.

You can use it if you are a site owner and app developer; you can simplify data privacy and consent management.

Using Seers, you can gain trust with your website cookie consent management. Even you can control cookies and other tracking technology.

Seers let you build fully-compliant privacy policies with the power of AI and train staff on data protection practices. 

Since Seers is a consent management system, let’s see what kind of solution it contains.

Seers Solutions

Seers let you automatically detect your website’s privacy risks by categorizing cookies and other tracking technologies.

Seers Lifetime Deal - Solutions

Seers allow you to manage your consent cookies policy and easily build customers’ trust and compliance. 

Just install and customize the cookie banner and manage consent with its key features;

  • Auto-blocking cookies and other tracking
  • Install in three minutes
  • Auto cookie policy updates
  • Regular scans and analytic reports
  • Full customization – design
  • 30+ Languages
  • Geolocation
  • Child Privacy Consent Management
  • Webhooks and Consent Integrations

It complies with GPDR Art 5,7,12, and 30.

Assessments & Certifications

Seers’s AI-based solution identifies gaps and weaknesses. You will get;

GDPR Audit: Assess GDPR compliance fully and get certified easily with key features.

  • 15 modules assessment
  • Find weaknesses and get recommendations 
  • GDPR compliance certification 
  • Compliance complete checklist

PECR Audit: Here are some key compliance features of Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

  • Uncover risks and weak spots
  • Find weaknesses and get recommendations
  • Compliance complete checklist
  • Conduct a gap analysis

Cyber Secure: Seers help you guard against the most common cyber threat and effectively maintain your cyber security.

  • Provide risk assessment
  • Cover physical and environmental protection
  • Implement data protection practices 
  • Guidance on secure configuration 
  • Find weaknesses and get recommendations 

GDPR Staff e-Training: You can efficiently train your staff in GDPR and prove compliance. With certificates.

  • GDPR online staff e-training
  • It takes only 45 mins to prove compliance
  • Four training modules 
  • Get tested and certified

DPIA: Seers helps you to evaluate and address your data privacy risks. 

  • Highlight and mitigate the risk of projects
  • Enable yourself to kate action to eliminate the risks
  • Simplify and streamline the data processing activity
  • Understand the risk and actions required
  • Produce a record of processing activities 
  • Ensure compliance with GDRP
Seers Lifetime Deal - Solutions 1


In Seers, you can regulate the processing of personal data and identify and control risks to prevent data breaches.

Data Privacy Experts: Let’s hire a privacy expert and outsource your entire GDPR responsibilities.

  • 120 experts to choose
  • Cost-effective, efficient & easy
  • Highly qualified and experienced experts 
  • Excellent GDPR tools and guidance 
  • Free 30-minutes consultation

EU and UK Representative: You can quickly establish an EU & UK representative that will manage your data compliance in Europe.

  • Serve as your EU and UK data protection representative
  • First point of contact for complaints
  • 20+ EU countries
  • Free 30-minutes consultation

Documentation & Policies

Use Seers and make your employees aware of the risks involved in processing personal data. 

Policies Pack: Remember, your business needs every data protection and privacy policy.

  • Crafted by UK expert lawyers
  • Easy to implement and fully customizable 
  • Choose the policy you need
  • Customize and enter your details 
  • 100+ policies such as Data Privacy, HR, Corporate, etc
  • Pay one-off for all policies 

Templates Pack: Seers lets you create your Data processing systems with easy-to-use Privacy Templates.

  • Crafted by expert lawyers
  • All the data protection & privacy templates
  • Available in all formats excel, PDFs, etc
  • Easy-to-use DIY Privacy templates

Privacy Ops

Manage your Data Subject with Seers.

Subject Request Management: You can manage the complete data subject request process from request, validation, search, redaction, and delivery. 

  • Customizable forms for access request
  • Full process orchestration
  • Collect, review and manage SAR requests
  • Automated reports on tasks and activities
  • Central control panel
  • Multi-user and department management

Breach Management: Seers helps you manage incidents, automate tasks, and record maintenance for compliance and notification. 

  • Track, log breaches, and respond
  • Connect existing systems to the central repository
  • Investigate, Automate and Involve Right People
  • Auto Tickets Assigning
  • Reports based notifications
  • Integrate with DPIA

Seers Pricing Plans

Use Seers and generate policies that ensure compliant practices for data breaches, privacy, cookies, and everything.

Seers comes with four pricing plans.

Free, Basic, Pro+, and Ultimate.

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • 1 Domain
  • 5000 consent logs
  • 100-pages scan

Basic Plan $9.99/mo:

  • 1 Domain
  • 10,0000 consent logs
  • Branding logo
  • 500-pages scan
  • Auto blocking
  • Customer support
  • UK, US, and EU Geo Location

Pro+ Plan $20.99/mo:

  • Everything Basic Plan Features +
  • 30,0000 consent logs
  • Own branding logo
  • Child privacy 
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Unlimited page scan
  • UK, US, & EU Geolocation

Or, Get Seers Lifetime Deal from Appsumo only for $69.00.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Seers Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

In Seers, you can find the site’s gaps and immediately inform visitors of cookies. You don’t have to consider breaking laws or paying fines.


  • Lifetime access to Seers Plan
  • Everything Seers Plan Features +
  • 1 website(s)
  • 5 banner designs
  • 500 scan subpages
  • Quarterly domain scan frequency
  • Up to 50,000 consent logs per month per domain
  • 14 assessment and policy packs

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Final Thought

Using Seers, you can make your data privacy compliance effortless. 

You don’t have to be worried about law-breaking or paying fines anymore. 

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