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Recording can be a bit complicated, especially if you are recording interviews with a bunch of people.

An audio recording solution lets you conduct remote interviews and produce content quickly. 

With a simple interface, you can record interviews for your podcast or for your business with a branded interview landing page. 

Meet Rumble Studio.

Hi there, Akram is here; I will inspect Rumble Studio – a tool that takes the hassle out of recording and editing interviews.

Rumble Studio Overview

Rumble Studio is an audio recording solution that lets you quickly conduct remote interviews and produce content.

You also get unlimited audio responses, edited podcasts, and high-quality export audio.

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Rumble Studio is an alternative to Podcastle,, and VideoAsk.

It would be best for professional podcasters, content creators, and agencies who want a faster way to produce high-quality podcasts.

With Rumble Studio, you can interview one or multiple guests with your branded interview landing pages, which will be shareable via a link or embed.

Here you will get unlimited audio responses, and you can edit podcasts and export audio in high-quality and industry-standard formats.

Rumble Studio’s Products

Rumble comes with a massive number of products where you will get asynchronous interview features to white labeling in a single platform. 

Let’s explore the product of Rumble Studio below;

Rumble Studio Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 1

Asynchronous Interviews

Rumble Studio’s interview creator allows you to write a series of questions for guests to respond to. 

  • Interview Creator – Your guests can easily record audio and submit text, images, video, and more.
  • Interview Templates – It allows you to start quickly and easily with one of their interview templates. You will get scripts for podcast episodes, recruitment, client testimonials, and more. 
  • Media Capture – Rumble Studio allows you to capture audio, text, image, and video, and guests can provide these things easily.
Rumble Studio Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 2

Invite and Collaboration

You can share the Rumble invitation link with your interviewing guests privately or publicly.

Each guest will experience a private interview experience with that link.

  • Collaborative Creation – You can use Rumble Studio to work with the same interviews and audio with your teams and clients. Also, you can create interviews and audio together.
  • Access and Permission – You will get advanced features that enable you to create multiple teams and control access and permissions.

Take Turns Audio Recorder

You can conduct remote asynchronous interviews with one guest or a hundred using Rumble Studio’s unique audio recorder.

Also, participants can record on their own schedules, giving you more audio in less time.

  • Unlimited Audio Recording – In Rumble Studio, your guests can record unlimited audio, and even you can listen and reduced-quality recordings before deciding what to export in high quality. 
Rumble Studio Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 3

Enhance and Mix

Rumble Studio provides a magic sparkles audio enhancement feature where you can automatically post-processing to make audio sparkle.

  • Magic Sparkle – In Rumble Studio, you will get silence removal, noise reduction, auto-leveling, and more in a single platform.
  • Royalty-Free Jingles – Rumble Studio provides unlimited musical jingles, separators, and sound effects that you can use in intros, outros, and BG.
  • Get In The Mix – Using their advanced mixing tool, you can access audio segments from different speakers. Then you can export these as a single MP3 file ready for publishing.


You can create one or more branding kits that help you to customize the guest interview experience with your own company logo and colors.

  • White Labeling – Using Rumble Studio you don’t need to use Rumble Studio’s branding. You can remove it and use your own branding.
Rumble Studio Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 4


In Rumble Studio, you can download high-quality audio in WAV and MP3. Every audio you can export in standard quality at 48 kHz/16-bit. 

  • Unlimited Transcriptions – You can generate high-quality written transcriptions for all of your recorded audio and display them in the app, which you can download as text files.
  • Bulk Export & Download – In Rumble Studio, all of your hosts and guests can export or download bulk audio, text, and image files as a zip. 

Rumble Studio Pricing Plans

Using Rumble Studio, you can build a no-code interview landing page where you can ask questions and collect responses in multiple ways. 

It comes with three pricing plans;

Basic, Plus, and Advanced.

Basic Plan $9/mo:

  • 1 seat
  • 10 hours export/month
  • Unlimited recording
  • Unlimited transcriptions
  • Take-turns audio recorder
  • Interview creator
  • Interview templates
  • Rumble invitation links
  • Unlimited audio recording & preview
  • High-quality audio exports in WAV and MP3
  • Bulk export & download and more. 

Plus Plan $99/mo:

  • Everything Basic Plan Features
  • 3 seats + team features
  • 50 hours export/month
  • 3 Branding Kits
  • White labeling

Advanced Plan $499/mo:

  • Everything Plus Plan Features
  • 10 seats + team features
  • 150 hours export/month
  • Onboarding service
  • Phone support

Or, Get Rumble Studio Appsumo Lifetime Deal Only For $59.00.

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Rumble Studio Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$59]

You can collect, record, and edit audio content in a fraction of second using Rumble Studio. It helps you to boost engagement and build audience trust. 


  • Lifetime access to Rumble Studio Basic Plan 
  • Everything Basic Plan Features
  • 1 seat
  • 10 exportable hours per month
  • 3 brand kits

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Last Calculation

Using Rumble Studio, you can take an interview with a link that allows your guests to answer prompts by recording or uploading audio. 

WOW, how interesting is that! Naa?

They can even answer multiple-choice questions or easily submit text, images, or videos. 

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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