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Which is better – quality content or quantity? Always SEO quality is important.

SEO is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. But it can feel like an uphill battle.

What if I told you that you could be the best at SEO by using an AI-powered tool that does all the work for you?

Check out Robinize.

Hi there, Akram is here; I will discuss Robinize – a tool that can help you research, outline, and write SEO-optimized content.

What is Robinize?

Robinize is an AI-powered SEO tool that helps you quickly research and write SEO-optimized content.

You can research, outline, and write content more quickly and efficiently with AI.

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Robinize is an alternative to Clearscope and Surfer SEO.

It would be the best for copywriters, bloggers, and marketers looking for a simple way to research and optimize SEO content for Google. 

Using Robinize’s AI, you can research, outline, and write SEO-optimized content that keeps ranking on Google.

It allows you to research keywords, measure your content quality, and analyze competitors on one dashboard.

Robinize Features

Using Robinize, you can make your content creation fully SEO optimized and more user-friendly. 

It comes with a huge number of features that helps you to analyze and optimize your content creation easily. 

Let’s have a look at the features of Robinize below;

Robinize Appsumo Lifetime Deal


Using Robinize, you can research your top keyword in Google searches.

Here, you can extract all of the necessary information about your content niche from top competitors.

It enables you to summarize thousands of research into a simple report easily. 

Write & Optimize

Robinize allows you to create a complete outline heading suggestions, inspiration, and FAQ tab in just 60 seconds.

It allows you to use TERMS that will be relevant to both your content niche and Google searches.

Importantly, you will be able to measure your content quality, length, and readability.

Robinize Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 2


Robinize provides simple but relevant TERMS that are relevant to your topics. 

Terms are semantically relevant to your niches and will enrich your content. 

You will be able to check out the origins of terms with a single click. 

You will get some terms that come with heading recommendations and others. 

They ensure that you do not use oversure terms, and it prevents you from keyword stuffing.

Robinize Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 3

Best Recommendations

Using Robinize, you will ensure that you will get only the best recommendation for it your topic. 

Its content scoring provides you with a basis and objective goal to aim for. 

Robinize will analyze your content grade from your top competitors, and you will get a scale from 1-10.

Also, it will help you with the length of your content and measure word count. 

Using Flesch reading provides a readability level that determines text comprehensiveness with ease.

Two Step Helper

In Robinize, you will get an FAQ section with questions from Google’s “People Also Ask.” 

It provides relevant FAQs about your targeted keywords. 

You will get a short answer to those without wasting your time searching relevant Q&A in a single tab.

You will also get Inspiration Tab, where you will get information about additional KWs you can rank for.

Robinize Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 4

Headline and Meta

Headline and meta description are always essential for any content. It makes sure both of them, with SEO, require a range of characters. 

Robinize allows you with resources that make your content more SEO optimized.

Robinize Plans and Pricing

Robinize provides a cost-effect platform where you can research and analyze your content in 60 seconds. 

It comes with three pricing plans;

Basic, Team, and Enterprise.

Basic Plan $19/mo:

  • 1 user seat
  • 10 Reports per month

Team Plan $49/mo:

  • 3 user seats
  • 50 Reports per month
  • Premium Support

Or, Get Robinize Appsumo Lifetime Deal Only For $69.00.

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Robinize Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$69]

Using Robinize’s AI, you will experience streamlined SEO content; it provides insight and tips for your content that make more relevant content.


  • Lifetime access to Robinize Basic Plan
  • Everything Basic Plan Features
  • 15 reports per month
  • 1 user

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Final Word

Wanna always keep on top of Google search results by organic? You have to search for your content and create high-quality SEO-optimized content. 

But SEO optimization is not always easy to do; for this, you should use Robinize to help.


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