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MyAlice Lifetime Deal [$69] – Best eCommerce Helpdesk Solution?

Customer management is a really challenging task ever! When you launch an eCommerce platform, thousands of questions will come from your customers. It is not easy to manage.

You may have to work 25 hours a day to enhance and manage the customer experience or become dissatisfied. How difficult!

Oh, man, wait! Here is a solution for you. 

Meet MyAlice.

Hey, business folks! I’m Akram; Here, I’ll discuss MyAlice – the best all-in-one customer management platform.

What is MyAlice?

MyAlice is an all-in-one eCommerce customer management platform that helps you build the ultimate helpdesk by managing orders and personalized customer service conversations.

Here you can manage customers’ conversations across all channels from one platform. 

MyAlice is an alternative to Gorgias and FreshDesk.

It’s best for eCommerce and retail website owners who want to centralize their customer experience (CX) and drive more conversions.

Using MyAlice, you can manage customer support messages and eCommerce orders from the dashboard across all channels, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others. 

Even you can automate responses to customers’ queries and give support agents valuable data in real time.

Let’s reveal the features of MyAlice.

MyAlice Features

In, you will do a live chat to social messaging, ticketing to automation, and everything as a helpdesk from one platform.

Let’s have a look at the features of below;

MyAlice Lifetime Deal - Features

Customer Management

MyAlice allows you to manage your customer’s messages in one inbox effortlessly.

You can manage all across channels, such as

  • Live Chat
  • Shared Team Inbox
  • Facebook Messenger & Feed
  • Instagram Messenger & Feed
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Line
  • and Mobile Application

You can control all of the above channels from a single dashboard without effort.

Order Management

MyAlice allows you to integrate with your favourite eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. 

Here you can view order history and manage your entire inventory. You don’t need to switch your tab of manage product.

You will get the following;

  • Shopify Integration
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • View Order History
  • Create & Update Orders
  • Customer Summary
  • and Product Interaction

You can instantly track what products your customer has bought, viewed, or kept in the cart. That means you will get an insightful analysis of your products.

Automated Workflows

In MyAlice, you can reduce 60% of common customer queries with keywords. Even it supports multiple languages support that helps you service foreign customers without panic.

Let’s have a look at the service;

  • No-Code Chatbots
  • Multilingual Support
  • Automated Queries
  • NLP Integration
  • API Integration
  • Handover from Bot to Human

MyAlice’s chatbots let you handle queries and generate leads for you. In addition, NLP makes your CX journey more smooth.

Smart Ticketing

MyAlice’s lets your teams manage smart ticketing from your customers. 

Ticket submitting is the most common method for getting support from any company or business. But management has never been easier. 

MyAlice makes it easier than before.

Here you will get the following;

  • Automated Ticketing
  • Reassign Tickets
  • Organize Tickets
  • Manage Tags
  • Manage Customer Attributes
  • Complete Visibility

Finally, you can know who manages which customer and avoid confusion with one ticket associated only with one agent.

Real-time Insights

Only go with customer service; how to improve the quality of service if you do not see the pros and cons?

MyAlice provides you with complete insight that helps you provide a better customer experience in the future. 

Here you will get the following;

  • Customer Data
  • Agent Metrics
  • Ticket Metrics
  • Sales and Conversion Data
  • Customer Ratings
  • Export Data

You can export customer details, ticket data, and customer ratings in a spreadsheet with just one click.

MyAlice Pricing Plan

MyAlice allows you to automate responses to exchange requests, returns, and order tracking. As a result, you can create a personalized shopping experience for your customers. comes with four pricing plans;

Kickstarter, Startup, Business, and Enterprise.

Kickstarter Plan $15/mo:

  • Unlimited Conversation
  • 150 Monthly Active Users
  • $0.15 per extra MAU
  • Up to 3 team members
  • Up to 3 channels

Startup Plan $50/mo:

  • Unlimited Conversation
  • 500 Monthly Active Users
  • $0.1 per extra MAU
  • Up to 5 team members
  • Up to 5 channels

Business Plan $300/mo:

  • Unlimited Conversation
  • 5000 Monthly Active Users
  • $0.09 per extra MAU
  • Up to 20 team members
  • Unlimited channels

Or, Get MyAlice Lifetime Deal from Appsumo only for $69.00.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

MyAlice Lifetime Deal – Appsumo lets you personalize your help desk and automate answers to your customers’ common questions. Even you can use data insight to drive your sales.

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  • Lifetime access to MyAlice
  • Everything Business Plan Features +
  • 500 monthly active users
  • 2 team members
  • Unlimited conversations/tickets per user

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Final Thought

Want to grab your customer retention? You have to provide professional and quick customer service to catch them.

MyAlice helps you to provide high-quality customer services across all channels. 

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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