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Mini Course Generator Lifetime Deal – Convert Your Content Into Mini Course For $79

Creating mini-courses for your marketing activities is a time-consuming and expensive affair. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to learn how to do something with ease? And what if you could make your course with AI and get paid?

Introducing Mini-Course Generator.

Hi there; I’m Akram; Here, I’ll share Mini-Course Generator – an AI-powered mini-courses platform.

Mini-Course Generator Overview

Mini-Course Generator is an AI-powered content course generator that helps you to create mini-courses in just a minute.

You can turn your content into mini-courses by following a few easiest steps. 

The Mini-Course generator helps you convert your content into high-quality courses, and you will be paid effortlessly with your account. 

Here, you can create a mini-course with different types of content such as free text, assessment and feedback questions, etc.

Even you can add videos, images, and PDFs to make your course more informative.

After creating the course, you can share a link in your own custom domain or embed it in any webpage. 

Importantly, your audience can view your course without distracting details and overwhelming items. 

Mini Course Generator Features

Using Mini-Course Generator, you can create, share, sell, and get paid directly for your content in minutes. 

Let’s have check out the features of the Mini-Course Generator below;

Mini Course Generator Lifetime Deal - Features

Interactive Teasers

Mini-Course Generator lets you create an engaging marketing funnel, such as a movie trailer, to motivate and convert users to your offer. 

It will give an idea to your audience about the quality of the courses that your offer and drive more sales. 

Time Saving AI-Assistant

Mini-Course Generator’s AI Assistant helps you by saving time for content generation. And you can create more & better courses in less time with AI. 


You can use mini-courses as lead magnets that spread your ideas into high-converting mini-course. 

A rich presentation helps create more engaging and lead-generating content than non-interactive content. 

Accept Payments

After publishing your mini-course, you can monetize your knowledge fast and easily. 

Importantly, you can easily receive payments for them by integrating the Stripe account. 

It helps you to start getting paid without the big-time investment.

Functional Micro-Landing Page

Mini-Course Generator helps you add your own custom domain that helps you present your content.

It helps you create a micro landing page without thinking about design details. You just need to focus on your content instead of design variations without any distractions.

How Does AI-Assistant Works?

Mini-Course Generator’s AI allows you to create stunning mini-courses in no time. Using artificial intelligence, you can stop wasting time on legwork. 

That is really helpful for you to focus more on creative edits. 

You don’t think about anything; you just need to focus on what matters to add to your course. 

Here, Mini-Course Generator prepares a basis for your content to give total energy to adding fantastic content that drives more sales. 

Artificial Intelligence content generator is combined with the platform to share the content directly. 

Follow the five easy steps to make your mini-course using AI;

  • Enter your topic
  • Get AI-generated content
  • Make your revisions
  • Add gates for your goal
  • Present to your community

Mini Course Generator Pricing Plans

Using the Mini-Course Generator tool, you can create a professional mini-course in no time and get paid without hassle.

MCG comes with three pricing plans;

Free, Premium, and Premium (Quarterly).

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • 250 views per mini-course
  • 5 mini-courses
  • Advanced reporting for each m.c.
  • Link sharing & embed code
  • Sign-up wall
  • Webhooks (ETD March)

Premium Plan $29/mo:

  • Everything “Free Plan” Features +
  • Unlimited mini-courses & views
  • Payment gateway (Stripe Integration)
  • 15 AI-powered mini-courses
  • Adding custom domains (CNAME)
  • Removal of MCG branding

Or, Get Mini Course Generator Lifetime Deal from Appsumo only for $79.00.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Mini Course Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

In MCG, you can convert your content into a mini-course in less time and boost your marketing effortlessly.


  • Lifetime access to Mini Course Generator Plan
  • Everything MCG Plan Features +
  • 30 mini-courses, 5GB Storage for video uploads
  • 3 AI-powered mini-course generation (per month)
  • Unlimited views per mini-course
  • Other additional features included

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It’s high time to share your content as a mini-course and get paid most easily without distraction.

MCG can be the best solution for your own course launching. 

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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