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SimilarContent Lifetime Deal [$79] – Best AI SEO Content Optimizer

Content is written, but it is not ranked in Google. Will it be profitable? Not at all!

You must provide optimized content to bring in the content ranking. But is that really an easy task?

What if you could write content that ranks at the top of Google search ranking effortlessly?

Say hello to SimilarContent

What is SimilarContent?

SimilarContent is an SEO content optimizer that allows you to create better-optimized content for Google’s top rank.

Using it, you can instantly optimize your content with a targeted keyword for SERP.

SimilarContent lets you write engaging optimized content that both your audience and search engines love to read.

It allows you to rewrite content in 80+ languages free of plagiarism.

You will get a unique content scoring solution that helps you rank at the top of search results. 

Even SimilarContent Pro’s easy-to-use tool rates your content against the top ten results that appear in your targeted keywords.

The most exciting feature is Google Rank Predictor

Well, we will talk all about the features of SimilarContent below;

SimilarContent Pro Features

Avoid guess-word for your content. Find the appropriate words for your content with SimilarContent. It will make your content more relevant in search engines and more optimized for SERPs.

Let’s have to explore the features of SimilarContent;

SimilarContent Lifetime Deal - Features

Content Relevancy

Using SimilarContent Pro, you can increase your content relevancy by answering the most important questions about your content.

Even you can audit your keyword for primary and secondary target keywords for your content.

Also, you can discover more opportunities with the most relevant search terms in Search engines.

Better Content

SimilarContent lets you make SEO easy by showing you the “best” matching terms for any keyword in a visual, intuitive way.

Also, you can create better content in a better way.

Ranking Predictor

What if you could know where your content will rank? Such an exciting thing!

SimilarContent offers you this fantastic feature to predict your content ranking before publishing. 

It will compare the top 10 SERP results with your keywords.

Optimize For Google

Last feature but not least, SimilarContent Pro allows you to write content for your audience and optimize it for Google searches.

It will ensure that your content is optimized with the targeted keyword phrase.

How SimilarContent Pro Work?

Use SimilarContent and avoid keyword stuffing or duplicate content with ease.

SimilarContent has four different features that help you optimize content for your audience and Google.

SimilarContent Lifetime Deal - Extra Core Features

Topic Modeling

First thing fast, insert your targeted keyword in your content and select your languages and locations.

SimilarContent supports over 80+ languages and 95K cities and areas worldwide.

SEO Content Editor

Using SimilarContent, you can check your SEO optimization score, including Topic Modeling, LSI Keywords, and TF/IDF score.

Rank Predictor Tool

Artificial intelligence (AI) will provide you with similar results to understand how many chances to rank your content in search engines.

With SimilarContent Pro, you can write professional SEO content by saving time & money.

Readability Checker Tool

SimilarContent allows you to improve your content readability of the text, shorten long sentences, and rephrase vague sentences.

What are the benefits? 

  • Engage Audience
  • Calculate Content Readability
  • Double Writing speed & Reduce Fatigue

Learn more about SimilarContent Pro!

SimilarContent Pro Pricing Plans

Insert targeted keywords, Optimize content score, Predict ranking, and Check readability.

SimilarContent Pro comes with three pricing plans;

FreeBasic, and Business.

Free Plan $0/mo:

  •  1 Active Project
  •  2 KEI per day
  •  1 post to Optimize Per day
  •  2 Topic Ideas generation per day
  •  2 Question Research per day
  •  2 Headline Analyzer
  •  500 Words to rewrite per day
  •  Sharable Links to writers

Get started for FREE.

Basic Plan $9.9/mo:

  •  5 Active Projects
  •  10 KEI per day
  •  5 texts to Optimize Per day
  •  5 Topic Ideas generation per day
  •  10 Question Research per day
  •  5 Headline Analyzer
  •  2000 Words to rewrite per day
  •  Sharable Links to writers
  •  5 Ranking Predictor Checking per day

Business Plan $19.9/mo:

  • 10 Active Projects
  •  20 KEI per day
  •  10 texts to Optimize Per day
  •  10 Topic Ideas generation per day
  •  20 Question Research per day
  •  10 Headline Analyzer
  •  5000 Words to rewrite per day
  •  Sharable Links to writers
  •  10 Ranking Predictor Checking

Continue with regular prices;

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SimilarContent Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Use SimilarContent and get SEO-optimized content for your audience and Google search engine.

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  • Topic Modeling
  • Content Scoring
  • Readability Checker tool
  • AI Ranking Predictor
  • Content Rewriter tool

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Use an all-in-one SEO content editor that helps you to rank content at the top of the search results.

It’s a more convenient, easy-to-use, and effective tool that optimizes your content with proper SEO scores.

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