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Payment collecting is always a risky and time-consuming task. For freelancers and agencies, payment acceptance is not an easy solution. 

What if you have a fantastic platform where all your customers have a convenient way to make payments without dealing with the headache of processing them. 



MYFUNDBOX is an automated subscription billing platform that helps you to manage and accept global payments. 

It’ll help you accept global payment easily and securely online. 

MYFUNDBOX is an alternative to Chargify, BillWerk, Recurly, and Chargebee.

It’s the best for freelancers, nonprofit, and subscriptions-based online businesses looking to offer global customers a hassle-free way to pay. 

Using MYFUNDBOX, you can manage subscriptions and bill customers worldwide just using its preferred payment methods.

Your customers can pay from 40+ counties and 135 currencies across the world. Almost 45+ payment methods are supported internationally.

After payment, you will get detailed insights with reporting and analytics. Also, you can level up your fundraising campaigns with MYFUNDBOX.

But why do you really need MYFUNDBOX? Well, let’s discuss below;

Why Should You Use MYFUNDBOX?

Using MYFUNDBOX, you will be able to collect recurring payments or subscription payments with just a link.

MYFUNDBOX Lifetime Deal - Reason

Unified Platform

In MYFUNDBOX, you can integrate multiple payment gateways at a time to accept your payment from clients. It’s just a plug `n play method. Almost 45+ payment gateways you can connect in MYFUNDBOX to receive subscription or recurring fees. 

Multiple Currencies

Using MYFUNDBOX, you will be able to collect your payment over 135+ currencies internationally. 

Just create plans in multiple currencies to cover your global clients.


MYFUNDBOX is a cloud server hosted platform that ensures you receive payment securely. 

You don’t need to think about information leaks or heists.


In MYFUNDBOX, you can connect your favorite tools like; Zapier, Hubspot, Intercom, Mailchimp, Twilio, etc. 

One-Off & Recurring

Don’t worry about recurring payment receiving anymore. MYFUNDBOX gives you a great solution for your subscription or recurring payment collecting.

eCommerce Checkout

Not only any links, but you can also embed its code on your website’s checkout page. Your customers can pay during product payment seamlessly.

Hope, you can understand why you should use MYFUNDBOX. Now, Let’s see how does it work.

How does MYFUNDBOX Works?

MYFUNDBOX works in just three easy and simple steps. 

First – Create an MYFUNDBOX account and add your products.

Second – Connect with your favorite payment gateway; you can connect some popular payment partners like; Stripe, Mollie, GoCardless. 

Third – Embed your checkout page and go live with your payment solutions. You can embed it on your website with a simple URL; also, you can embed it in Facebook and others.


Receive your subscription, recurring, or donation payment with three easy steps.

Here I’ve described the features below;

MYFUNDBOX Lifetime Deal - Features

Subscription Billing 

With MYFUNBOX, you can keep subscription billing uncomplicated as you scale. 

Also, you can track and manage your subscriptions throughout the customer lifecycle. 

Say goodbye to manual management of payments, subscriptions, reports, etc. 

You can set automation for one-time or and recurring payments invoices for each of the customers. 

Even, it’s very much secure and reliable.

Collect payment with three easy steps;

Subscription Billing  Invoicing  Pay Link and DONE!

After payment confirmation, an invoice will automatically send to the payer’s email. 

Fundraising CRM

For a nonprofit organization, MYFUNDBOX can be the best solution to collect donations. 

Its Fundraising CRM provides tools for collecting Payments and cultivating, maintaining, and strengthening relationships with donors.

Here you will get;

  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Automated Receipts
  • Track Your Payments
  • Detailed Insights

Also, you can configure the checkout page how donors can pay or others.

Planning to purchase?

Get MYFUNDBOX Lifetime Deal from Appsumo.

MYFUNDBOX Pricing Plans

In MYFUNDBOX, you can see two types of pricing as Subscription Billing and Fundraising CRM.

– Subscription Billing has three plans – BronzeSilver, and Gold

Bronze Plan 29€/mo:

  • Up to 10K € revenue per month
  • One user

Silver Plan 59€/mo:

  • Up to 50K € revenue per month
  • Three users

Gold Plan 29€/mo:

  • Up to 100K€ revenue per month
  • Ten users

– Fundraising CRM contains platform fees of only 2% and payment gateway fees of 0.35€ up to 2.9%. 

You will get;

  • Donation Forms
  • Automatic Notifications
  • One-Off/ Recurring
  • Donor Portfolio
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Secure gateway
  • Multi-Currency
  • 15+ Language

Not sure about purchasing? Okay! Get started with a free trial.

Or, Get MYFUNDBOX Lifetime Deal only for $79.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

MYFUNDBOX Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

MYFUNDBOX makes billing your customers seamless wherever they are, so you can stop worrying about logistics.

Let’s make payday simple.

Get lifetime access now!

ONE-TIME PURCHASE OF $79.00 $599.00

  • Lifetime access to MYFUNDBOX Subscription Billing
  • All Subscription Billing Features
  • Three users
  • Up to $50,000 revenue per month
  • 135+ currencies supported
  • Stripe currencies
  • Mollie currencies

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Supercharge your online business with a subscription billing payment platform. Also, it can be the best solution for fundraising purposes.

It’s none other than MYFUNDBOX! 

A Completed Subscription Billing payment solution with ease.

Get MYFUNDBOX lifetime deal. Cover your global customers!

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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