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Foxly Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Best Link Shortener 2023

You are probably aware that with the growing presence of digital marketing and social media, the number of web users has also increased drastically. 

The increase in user numbers has also led to rising demand for websites. 

The more people who access your site, the more exposure you get and the higher your potential to attract more visitors. 

Such high demand has led to an exponential growth in website URL length and number of characters. 

Say hi to Foxly – URL Shortener.

Hi there, My name is Akram; I will discuss Foxly – the best URL shortener and UTM builder.

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So much so that many users can only remember longer URLs or links using special characters such as ~, @, #, $, etc. 

As a result, URL shorteners have started gaining traction over the past few years. 

Foxly is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that lets you create short links by removing repeated letters and symbols from your URLs before they are submitted to search engines.

What is Foxly?

Foxly is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to create short URLs. It removes repeated letters and symbols before your URLs are submitted to search engines.

With this, you can make the URL easier to remember.

Foxly has many features like auto-completion of the word you’re typing, quick URL creation for any website, creating new destination links, and much more!

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Google Chrome Extension

Foxly Google Chrome has a plugin called Foxly, which lets you create short links for your websites. 

The extension works by removing repeated letters and symbols from your URLs before they are submitted to search engines.

You can also use the extension to shorten long URLs by adding numbers or a different character at the end of every letter. 

For instance, writing would turn into www8gooeu9lhx. Or would become wwgofefbl4–4p-5p-7vb-65yc?t=17591627182802&s=28ca1afcc36e8d6fdb9a03837e0fcbb93bde8d768. 

It helps you save time and makes it easier to remember shorter URLs that are easier to use in social media posts as well.

Foxly Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 3

Benefits of using Foxly

The first benefit of Foxly is that it saves you a lot of time and effort. 

You don’t have to remember long URLs or even remember the URL shortener’s domain name. 

Second, you can use this extension on any platform because it works on all browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. 

The third advantage is that there are no additional costs involved. 

Finally, you don’t have to worry about your personal data getting compromised, as with other URL shorteners that require people to upload their private credentials like usernames and passwords. 

You might be wondering how Foxly can save you time. Well, let me explain. Let’s say a website has a URL of 12 characters in length. 

After removing repeated letters and symbols, using Foxly would reduce the length of the shortened link by six characters, equivalent to one letter each from the original link.

Foxly Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 4

How to use Foxly?

To use Foxly, you first need to download the extension. Once installed, you must right-click on a webpage and select “Foxly: Shorten URL.”

 Your website link will be shortened as soon as you do this, and an icon will appear in your browser toolbar. 

From then on, whenever you want to share a link or send it to someone else via email or social media platforms, you must right-click on the Foxly icon in your toolbar and paste the shortened link. 

It’s worth noting that websites with long URLs may also display better on Google Search results than those with short URLs. 

For example, if your website has a long URL like, 

The length of this URL may adversely affect its ranking in Google Searches for “Adidas Football Cleats,” which may not feature it at the top of search result pages because they prioritize shorter links that don’t require multiple clicks to get to the desired destination. 

Too many clicks can hamper user experience and diminish conversion rates by making it difficult for users to find what they’re looking for quickly; this is especially true for mobile users with a shorter screen time compared with desktop users. 

In contrast, people who enter “Adidas-store” into search engines find exactly what they’re looking for without going through multiple clicks or scrolling horizontally.

Foxly Pricing Plans

The good news is that Foxly is completely free of cost, and you can use it forever. 

It comes with three different plans, including the free plan.

FreePremium, and Lifetime.

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • 10 Shorten URL
  • 2 Group space
  • Additional Domains
  • Advanced Stats
  • Link Password
  • Link Expiration
  • Link Deactivation
  • Data Export
  • UTM Builder

Premium Plan $99.99/year:

  • Everything Free Plan Features 
  • Unlimited Shorten URL
  • Unlimited Spaces
  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Free Domain SSL
  • Bulk URL Generator
  • Google Chrome Extension Addon

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Question: What is the difference between Foxly and other URL shorteners? 

Answer: Foxly provides a quick, easy way to shorten URLs by removing repeated letters and symbols from your URLs before they are submitted to search engines. The service also has an option to automatically add the ‘/’ symbol to the end of shortened links.

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