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Smart Quiz Builder Lifetime Deal: Best Quiz Builder WordPress Plugin

Lead generation is a challenging sector if you do not have proper skills.

Do you have problems with lead generation?

Can’t do quiz building in a good way?

Imagine you have a tool to easily do lead generation, quiz funnel making, quiz building without hassle.

What will happen then?

I’m talking about Smart Quiz Builder for your lead generation and quizzer builder partner. 

Introducing Smart Quiz Builder.

What is Smart Quiz Builder?

Smart Quiz Builder is a quiz-based lead generation and lead nurturing tool that allows you to build a quiz funnel and generate leads efficiently. 

It’s the most powerful Quiz and survey plugin for WordPress CMS. 

Smart Quiz Builder is an alternative to TypeformTryInteract, and Thrive Quiz Builder. 

It’s the best for Digital Marketers, Digital Entrepreneurs who want to understand their customer through captivating targeted quizzes better. 

Quizzes for Smart Quiz Builder your website traffic will spend more time on your website, and you will get more relevant data about your potential customers.

It’s a very feature-rich plugin for Quiz building and leads generation. Before we drive in, you should check out the features of the Smart Quiz Builder. 

Smart Quiz Builder Key Features

Smart Quiz Builder comes with almost 35+ unique features. Here we will discuss some of the key features.

Smart Quiz Builder Features

Quiz Builder: It’s a very intuitive platform. Within minutes, you can create your quiz funnel—also a very user-friendly quiz builder for any non-coder person.

You can create a smart and customized funnel using a visual funnel builder. 

Customization Options: Smart Quiz Builder comes with an advanced customizer platform. It has a visual builder that means everything in the front end.

You can add custom branding and styles. Also, you can use shortcodes to display on WordPress Pages. 

Branching Logic: Using a visual funnel builder, you can create innovatively and survey funnels with branching logic.

This means whether the following quiz will show will depend on the answer to the previous quiz.

Weighted Questions: You can assign negative points for wrong answering in a scoring quiz.

Smart Quiz Builder will automatically add the points based on the selected answer choices and map to the right outcome based on the score.

Image Questions / Answers: You can use videos, emojis, and images/GIFs in questions and answers.

Analytics / Reports: Using SQB, you will get all the insights into your customers’ behavior to make perfect decisions to grow your business. 

From analytics, you can see how many people picked a specific answer choice, the most popular choice, what your prospects don’t care about, etc.

Manage Leads: You can check all users’ opt-ins after taking the quiz from the leads section. Also, users’ results, correct/incorrect answers, scores, etc. 

Student Email Notification: You can send emails to your students with their results, questions, answers, outcome details, etc. 

Even if any students complete their quiz, SQB automatically sends an email to the site owner. 

Mobile-view Customizer: Nowadays. People are using their mobile devices for everything. It’s essential to optimize content for mobile users. By the way, you can create a completely different style for your mobile users.

Clone Questions / Answers: No need to spend too much time creating individual questions or answers. You can clone any questions or answers easily. It saves you a ton of time. 

Pre-built Quizzes: Instead of building a quiz from scratch, now you can create your quiz from the pre-build Quizzes. Just pick up the quiz from the library and update it according to your quiz data.

Pre-made Templates: You will get several modern, eye-catching templates. Just pick up one and customize it by using SQB’s advanced customizer. 

Learn more about features of Smart Quiz Builder like; HTML-Form Integration, Embed Code, Ranking / Choice Questions, Matrix-Style Questions, and many more. 

Who should purchase Smart Quiz Builder?

For Digital Marketers, Digital Entrepreneurs want to better traffic conversions from their site. 
Even if you want to create a wide variety of quizzes and quiz funnels, you need this tool for your helping partner. 
SQB would be the best option for you. Okay, let’s check out the pricing plan. 

How much cost of Smart Quiz Builder cost?

With many features, SQB comes with Four pricing plans; 

One-Site License, Two-Site License, Unlimited-Site License, and Lifetime License.

One-Site License $69/m: 

  • 1 Year of Support and Updates
  • Install on 1 WordPress Site

Two-Site License $79/m:

  • 1 Year of Support and Updates
  • Install on 2 WordPress Sites

Unlimited-Site License $99/m:

  • 1 Year of Support and Updates
  • Unlimited-Site License

Lifetime License $399/LT:

  • Lifetime Support + Upgrades
  • Unlimited-Site License

But for you, there is an excellent lifetime deal that you can buy for only $59.

Smart Quiz Builder Lifetime Deal is available on Appsumo. 

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Smart Quiz Builder Lifetime Deal: Appsumo

You don’t have to spend $399. It would be best if you had the SQB tool to capture your customer engagement. And there is no reason to worry about the price.

SQB Lifetime Deal is running on Appsumo with about a 97% discount.
So why the delay?

Get lifetime access today!


  • Lifetime access to Agency Plan
  • All features above included
  • All current and future integrations
  • Access to all templates
  • 10 websites

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I think 10 websites for your work is enough to get you started.
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Also, if you need to use more sites later, you can buy from the profit of 10 sites later.

But now I think you should take SQB Lifetime Deal for 10 websites for only $59.
If you want to take it, you can purchase it from the link below.

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