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Automate your LinkedIn Lead Generation and Email Messaging
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LinkedIn is the leading social platform for finding potential customers, but finding and contacting them manually is time-consuming.

What if there is a fantastic tool to automate your LinkedIn lead generation and contact to save time and increase efficiency?

Here is Waalaxy.

Hey marketers, TP Staff is here; we discuss Waalaxy Appsumo Lifetime Deal – a tool that will help you use LinkedIn and email to automate lead generation and message.

What is Waalaxy?

Waalaxy is a comprehensive lead generation tool that allows you to use LinkedIn and email to automate your lead generation process. 

Even you can monitor your team’s performance in a single place.

You can use Waalaxy instead of Lemlist.

It would be the best for small businesses, freelancers, and lead generation agencies who want to save time while scaling customer acquisition.

Waalaxy allows you to get in touch with up to 700 prospects per week in just 10 minutes.

Also, you can retrieve the professional email addresses of prospects and send them automated outreach sequences with ease. 

You will gonna love it if you see the features of Waalaxy; let’s check it out.

Waalaxy Features

Waalaxy allows you to automate your lead generation process using LinkedIn and emails.

Here are three amazing features below that we disclose;

Waalaxy Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 1

Email Finder

Use Waalaxy and get your prospects’ professional email addresses with its Email Finder feature.

It will help you to enrich your CRM with a fully automated process.

Email Finder: With Waalaxy’s Email Finder feature, you can reach prospects who are not accepting your connection request on LinkedIn. 

You don’t have to be technical skills, and you don’t need a DropContact account. Everything will be automated and seamless.

Email Verification: With Waalaxy, you will get professional and verified Email addresses. 

With DropContact integration, Waalaxy ensures you all emails are professional and verified emails.

Enrichment: Waalaxy allows you to enrich your B2B base with LinkedIn because you know LinkedIn is the most qualified B2B database in the world. 

Use Waalaxy and retrieve your prospect’s professional emails. 

GDRP Compliant: Waalaxy provides your emails are retrieved through an algorithm of search and verification of email addresses. Everything is GDPR compliant, so there is no problem here to update your database.

Wanna use? Get Waalaxy Appsumo Lifetime Deal Here.

LinkedIn Prospecting

Waalaxy allows you to automate your LinkedIn prospecting and 80% of B2B leads generation you can manage from LinkedIn on autopilot. 

Waalaxy Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 2

Import Leads: LinkedIn is indeed the most qualified B2B database in the online era. Here you will find 700 million+ profiles where you will get your client. 

Waalaxy allows you to import your LinkedIn leads with ease. 

Automated Invitation: Using Waalaxy, you will be able to send automated invitations to your prospects. It makes it easy to contact above 700 people per week.

Use Waalaxy and grow your network in just a few minutes. 

Automated Relaunch: Using Waalaxy’s automated follow-up messages, you can boost your response rate from interested parties. 

You can automate relaunch your contacts with ease.

Automate Scaling: Waalaxy allows you to create complex workflows. Even you can trigger campaigns when people comment on your LinkedIn Post or visit your profile. 

Cold Email

Waalaxy Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 3

Waalaxy helps you to send a cold email to find a potential client on LinkedIn. 

Cold Email strategy is completely automated that combines your LinkedIn leads strategy with incredible results. 

Prospects Finding: Use Waalaxy and find your prospects on LinkedIn from 700 million potential prospects. 

Just select leads from LinkedIn and export them directly into it’s. 

Professional Email Finding: You will automatically find a professional email address without scrapping or buying an obsolete database. 

Email Inbox/LinkedIn Message: You can send cold emails automatically. Also, track the results of your campaigns, A/B test them, and optimize your processes. 

Waalaxy Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 4

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Waalaxy Pricing Plans

Waalaxy helps you to contact up to 700 prospects per week in just 10 minutes within a day.

It comes with four pricing plans;

Free, Pro, Advanced, and Business.

Free Plan €0/mo:

  • LinkedIn features
  • 100 quotas per week
  • Live chat

Get started for FREE.

Pro Plan €25/mo:

  • LinkedIn features
  • 300 quotas per week
  • Live chat

Advanced Plan €50/mo:

  • LinkedIn features
  • 700 quotas per week
  • CRM Synchronization
  • Auto-imports of LinkedIn profiles

Business Plan €80/mo:

  • LinkedIn + Emails features
  • 700 quotas per week
  • CRM Synchronization
  • Auto-imports of LinkedIn profiles
  • Emails finder

Click here to continue with regular plans;

Or, Get Waalaxy Appsumo Lifetime Deal only for $59.00.

Appsumo Lifetime Deals -

Waalaxy Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$59]

Use Waalaxy and find hundreds of email addresses a week without effort. 


  • Lifetime access to Waalaxy Business Plan
  • Everything Business Plan Features 
  • LinkedIn and email features
  • 700 invitations sent weekly per seat
  • 3 seats

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Wanna automate your lead generation? And Email messaging? You have an excellent choice here; that is Waalaxy. 

Get Waalaxy Appsumo Lifetime Deal Now.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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