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Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Lifetime Deal: Best Multilingual AI Help Desk

Are you losing business customers for lack of proper support and being tense to reply to the customers?

What if you got a platform that allows AI-Powered communication platform to help your customers, FAQs, submit tickets, CRM, and automation technologies further elevate your business?

You know, customer engagement is an arduous task for any business. OK, the wait is over.

Let’s take a look at a platform that will provide you with all of the above services.

Introducing Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk.

What is Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk?

Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk is an Al-Based Help Desk platform that will help you do Omnichannel support, Quick to scale, Easy to deploy, Powerful Analytics. It is an all-in-one Helpdesk platform.

Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk is an alternative to Tidio,, and Crisp and is recommended for those who want to deliver efficient and best-in-class customer support. 

Like; E-commerce stores, Startups, and small businesses

In Tactful, you can also integrate it with your website live chat, chatbot, social, and Facebook messenger. (Never will be missing any single message from your customer.) 

Stay connected from any channel with your customer. 

Using Tactful, you can automate FAQs and AI chatbots for your users. (No need to take more pressure)

Is it not a time-saving and customer-engagement solution?

Before we know its price, let’s take a look at what features it provides us.

Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Features

With Tactful, you can engage, convert and retain your customer from one platform.

Here I’ve described a few features of Tactful below;

Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Features

Customer Support

You can connect your Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Web Chat, and others from live chat. 

After connecting all your channels, your agents will chat and reply to users via any channel. 

Tactful use of AI-powered self-service that understands customer intents by providing multilingual technology. 

From FAQs, instant replies for customer questions and queries.

AI Help Desk

AI Help Desk is an entirely AI-based communication system. You can automate a few tasks for your users or customers. 

Using AI-powered self-service, customers can purchase, make refund requests, and book quickly via chatbot. Cool! 

Also, customers can place product cancellation or complaint requests from the AI chatbot. (No need for agent help)

Al Chatbot

AI Chatbot will help you automate your products, and customer can purchase their desired products from the chatbot.

It’s technically 3x Faster than web page browsing. You can do it all in one place, proactively resolve customers’ problems and automate sales & support.

According to customer intention, AI will show suggestions.

Ticketing System

You know, Ticketing is an essential part of an online business. For a True Omnichannel Customer Experience, an AI-Powered Ticketing system will greatly help you. 

Track, Prioritize, and Solve Customer Support Tickets from one place. 

If you integrate communications channels, then you can communicate with customers seamlessly. 

The customer record is much more important for survey reports, tickets, and improvement of customer support experience. You can record your customer’s previous communication records. 

Also, you can set up AI Routing and Queueing and Artificial intelligence Self Services.

CX Analytics

Analytics is an essential part of a business company—both online and offline. 

If they want to improve service quality and customer engagement, they must need analytics of their business. 

In Tactful.Ai, customer can review their support experience after support, and you will get the whole chart of customer satisfaction. 

From the customer satisfaction stats, you can improve your support system. 

Your customer can communicate from multiple channels, but you need analytics in one. Tactful i-Sight is an omnichannel analytics technology that can do it effortlessly.

In a word, the Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk is a feature-rich digital platform.

Click here to learn more features about Tactful. 

Who should buy the Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk?

Suppose you are an owner of an E-commerce company or startup business company. Then it would be best if you had customer satisfaction across all services.

So it would be best if you had such a tool to deliver efficient and best-in-class customer support and get customer engagement. 

How much is the cost of the Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk?

It’s an AI-Powered Customer experience platform with ticketing, CRM, help desks, and automation technologies.

Tactful.AI comes with five plans; Digital Care, AI Chatbot, Cognitive Care, Cognitive Plus, and Enterprise. 

Cognitive plan starts at $79 per month, including two user access, Facebook, WhatsApp, Website Integration, Web SDK, iOS/Android SDK. Also, some features; 

Omnichannel Unified Agent Desktop, Multilingual AI, Chatbot Engine, etc. 

It looks like it’s too expensive. But don’t worry!

Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Lifetime Deal is Available on Appsumo. 

Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Lifetime Deal: Appsumo

Lifetime Deal on Appsumo

It’s time to stop shifting through support conversations and requests with a spreadsheet and a prayer. (“I’ll answer the email from a month ago first, then the email from three weeks ago. #prioritizing”)

Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk gives you one centralized dashboard to manage omnichannel communication and ticketing, so you never lose track of another customer request.

Make your customer support process easier and faster than ever before.

Get lifetime access to Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk today!

SINGLE-TIME PURCHASE $69.00 $936.00 

  • Lifetime access to Cognitive Care Plan
  • 2 seats
  • Omnichannel live support dashboard and Unified Agent Desktop
  • Engagement monitoring system
  • Customizable webchat plugin
  • Knowledgebase, content management, and ticketing systems
  • Customer engagement analytics

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You can provide exemplary customer service at the right time if you want a platform.
Then it would be best if you had the Tactful tool now.
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