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Noota Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Best Transcription & Subtitling Tool 2023

There are times when meetings are difficult to keep on track of. You can’t follow along, you can’t see the screen, and you’re stuck listening to a meeting by yourself.

Now, what if I told you that you could do this in a much simpler, better, and more exciting way?

Ola, It’s going to very amazing!

Meet Noota.

Hi there, Akram is here; I will review Noota – a screen recording tool that allows users to record, annotate and convert online meetings.

Noota Appsumo – Transcribe, Record, & Analyze

Online meetings have exploded in popularity and usage over the past few years, but most online meeting tools fail to address the key challenges of facilitating influential meetings. 

That’s where Noota comes in. 

Source: Appsumo

It is an alternative to and Loom.

Noota would be the best for customer support, marketers, and sales team who want a way to easily stay on track.

This chat tool for virtual meetings has all the features you need for recording, transcribing, and analyzing your meetings. 

With its transcription tool, you can stay on top of what was said in a meeting. 

You can also set up notifications to alert you when there is new input from the chat room participants. 

You can even identify participants that are regularly absent from chats, so they haven’t been invited again until they return. 

For example, if someone leaves a meeting early because of an unexpected issue at home or work, other participants won’t be reminded about them again. 

Noota also has a recording feature that allows participants to speak without interrupting one another and without fear of being recorded by others who might be present in the room. 

With analysis tools like hashtags, mentions, and tags, you can track specific issues as they arise during a meeting and prioritize follow-up action items in future sessions based on their importance.

What is Noota for?

Noota is ideal for group meetings. You’ll find it useful if you want to share your screen and use the chat room as a place for collaboration. 

It also has tools for facilitating virtual meetings with people in other regions or countries, making it a good choice for international collaboration.

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Key features of the Noota platform

Noota is a platform that not only helps you transcribe and analyze meetings but also helps you improve your meetings. 

The Noota platform has a wide variety of features, allowing it to be used in various settings. 

The first feature is the ability to record or chat without interruption. 

The second feature is the transcription tool that allows for annotation and tagging, which can help with follow-up actions after a meeting. 

Additionally, the platform allows for discussion and debate to take place in the room rather than having these conversations on email threads or outside chats. 

It ensures that everyone feels more engaged in the conversation and facilitates better collaboration between participants.

Set up Notifications for New Input From Participants

Noota combines chat and meeting features into a single software product, so it’s easy to set up notifications for the various activities in chats. 

You can set notifications for new input from participants, mentions, and tags. 

This way, you’ll be notified when something significant happens during a session so you can take action. 

If a participant is consistently late or not participating, you can set automated reminders to invite them back into the room after returning home or work.

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Record Meetings with Built-in Audio Recorder

Noota has a built-in audio recorder that allows you to record meetings and save them for later review. 

With this tool, you can cut down on time it takes to transcribe and analyze your meeting, saving you time and improving your work’s quality. 

Noota also gives you tools for managing your recording sessions and retrieving recordings from them. 

In addition, Noota lets you use voice recognition technology to identify who was speaking during a meeting and then link that information with other metadata like timestamps and keywords.

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Set up Meeting tags to Identify Key Issues as They Arise

In most online meetings, key issues tend to arise on the fly during the meeting. 

Rather than trying to address these issues before they occur, you can set up tags for them in advance so that you can focus on addressing these key areas promptly. 

For instance, if an issue arises about a client’s campaign, you could set up a “campaign” tag to tag that conversation and follow up with specific actions. 

The Noota analysis tools give you data about when someone tweets using that hashtag and how often it occurs throughout your meetings. 

Noota also has a tagging feature for recording: speaking and in a meeting. 

Noota allows you to easily identify how many people are speaking and how often certain people are talking. 

You can also quickly identify who is not present at any time during a session by tagging them as “taken offline.” 

It lets other participants know in real time if someone is missing from the chat room or if they have been taken offline for any reason.

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Invite Participants by Their Name or Email Address

Noota allows you to invite participants by their name or email address instead of having them join through a third-party application.

Noota Pricing Plans

The Noota paid plan is the best way to use this tool, and it gives you access to unlimited video and text chat minutes.

It comes with three pricing plans;

SoloPro, and Enterprise.

Solo Plan $18/mo:

  • 5 hours transcription
  • Real-time dictation
  • 2 hours max file size
  • Import pre-recorded file
  • 1 Minimum license
  • Subtitle Video
  • 10€ Additionnal transcirption
  • Screen Recorder
  • Export
  • Custom vocabulary

Pro Plan $45/mo:

  • 25 hours transcription
  • Unlimited import of pre-recorded file
  • 5€ Additionnal transcirption
  • Everything Solo Plan Features
  • Manual Tags and Labels
Get started with a free trial of Noota

Noota is free to use, so you don’t have to worry about payment commitments. You can get started with the trial today and try it out for yourself.

Or, Get Started with Noota Appsumo Lifetime Deal Plan Only For $69.00.

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Noota Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$69]

Using Noota, you can record your meetings and convert all transcripts into a workable tool that helps your business grow. 


  • Lifetime access to Noota Pro Plan 
  • Everything Pro Plan Features
  • 5 hours of transcription and subtitling per month
  • 1 license

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Noota allows users to record, transcribe, and analyze online meetings in real time. 

The platform makes it easy to set up meetings and ensure all participants are on the same page. 

While the free version of Noota allows users to record and transcribe up to 30 minutes of meetings, paid plans unlock unlimited video and text chat minutes. 

Noota also provides a variety of meeting options and features that you can use to get more out of your meetings.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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