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Mojomox Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Just Type & Create Logo

You love making logos but don’t have the time or money to hire a professional.

You’ve been using online logo makers, but they’re all limited, and you can’t find the exact font or color you want.

Mojomox is the perfect logo maker for modern businesses.

With over 900 fonts, 600 logo symbols, and unlimited color combinations, you can create a unique logo that perfectly represents your brand.

Enter Mojomox.

Hi there, My name is Akram; I will discuss Mojomox – the best way to generate text for a logo with high customization.

What is Mojomox?

Mojomox is a modern and super unique logo maker where you can generate text for a logo with massive customization that suits your brand.

Plus, every logo you make automatically generates a brand kit with matching fonts and colors that you can use for your business cards, website, and more.

Create custom logos with ease using Mojomox’s simple and intuitive design tools. With over 900 fonts, 600 logo symbols, and unlimited variant customization.

Mojomox provides your personal brand designing options where you can customize your logo text with your brand-matching colors, fonts, and more.

Before we get into what features to get, let’s consider why you should use Mojomox.

Why Should You Use Mojomox?

Mojomox is an absolute must-have for companies that rely heavily on digital marketing.

It allows you to create new graphics easily and quickly, saving time and money.

And it also makes it easy to test out different fonts and combinations before making your final design purchase.

If you’re a small business owner who’s launching several projects under their company name, then a logo maker is the way to go.

You can create logos with different fonts, weights, and tracking to keep your brand consistent across all your digital marketing campaigns.

Mojomox Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 4

Custom Symbols or Stock Symbols?

A popular trend in logo design is the use of stock symbols, easily found online.

It is a great way to save time and give your business an instant update without too much effort on your part.

But if you want to create something unique and new, it’s worth investing in custom symbols or fonts. These options can make your project stand out from the rest and provide extra customization for your logo.

So, which option is best for you? It’s up to you!

But either way, even as small businesses, we should create our own graphics rather than just buying them from other designers.

What is the feature of Mojomox?

In Mojomox, you will get a bulk number of features that allows creating professional logo, modern logo, brand kit, and professionally designed templates.

Let’s drive in deep;

Modern Logo Designs:

  • You can choose 20+ unique logo fonts that make your logo professional
  • You can customize the logo’s font by thickness from super thin to ultra-bold
  • Mojomox provides 1000+ unique logo symbols
  • You will instantly get designs on mockups

Brand Kit:

  • You will get a real-time brand kit according to your design
  • You can share 1 pager online or a PDF
  • You can set reusable brand kits for subscribers up to 20 times


  • You will get minimal and professional templates
  • You can size presets for social media assets and more
  • You can convert your brand colors effortlessly

Logo Files:

  • You can download any customized size
  • Get popular formats, PNG, Vector PDF, and more that you can edit in Illustrator
  • You can download the logo with a background or transparent
  • Mojomox provides various color variations, such as Black & White, or your brand color

Now you understand how many features you will get through Mojomox.
So let’s see some examples of how you can design and customize a logo well.

Mojomox Logo Creations & Customization

First, think first; Mojomox allows you to create text to a logo easily with branding and customizing.

Mojomox Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 1

Step 1: Just type your website title or logo title to generate the logo’s basic structure.

No worries about colors and fonts; you will get 100+ amazing styles, and pick one that suits your brand.

Mojomox Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 2

Step 2: From the right sidebar, you can add logo symbols that you can customize with your brand colors.

Not only that but also, you can customize specific words by double click on each word.

Mojomox allows you to make it thin or thick with the sidebar’s progress bar at your fingertips.

Mojomox Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Features 3

Step 3: Using Mojomox’s advanced editor, you can change single-word font colors that suit your brand color and make your logo more unique.

Boom! Now you can generate your logo according to your own way and export it with your favorable format.

Mojomox Pricing Plans

Mojomox provides an easy and cool logo-making experience where you can create professional logos with their unique features.

It comes with four pricing plans;

Baseline, Startup, Serial Entrepreneur, and Agency.

Baseline Plan $19.90/one-time:

  • PNG file
  • 1 Number of logos
  • Full logo ownership

Startup Plan $59.90/one-time:

  • Everything Baseline Plan Features
  • 1 Number of brand kits
  • Sharing
  • Downloading

Serial Entrepreneur 119.90/year:

  • Everything Startup Plan Features
  • 20 Number of logos
  • Unlimited Logo changes
  • Number of brand kits
  • 20 Number of brand kits
  • Unique fonts to embed on your site
  • Graphic design tool
  • On-brand templates

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Mojomox Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$79]

Mojomox enables you to pick hundreds of color palettes that you can use for your branding colors.


  • Lifetime access to Mojomox Plan
  • Everything Mojomox Plan Features
  • 20 logos & brand kits
  • Unique and modern fonts
  • Branding school

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Exploring how to create a brand platform is like exploring uncharted territory.

No matter what your branding platform goals are, Mojomox will help you achieve them.

Mojomox is a custom branding platform that helps you explore uncharted territory and define your brand’s visual identity.

They help you define your brand standards and voice principles, create user journeys and content for your site, create responsive navigation systems, and much more.

Their team of experts is ready to help you build and launch your brand!

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