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sec Lifetime Deal & Review – Best Web-Based Remote Access

Setting up remote access for your team to use is expensive, complicated, and unreliable. If you manage many people who need remote access, it can also be difficult to control.

Imagine having a simple remote desktop solution that makes managing your team easy and secure, which allows you to set up remote access in minutes with no technical knowledge required!


What is is a remote access solution platform that offers you one of the freshest and simplest ways to remote access. 

Using, you can easily and instantly remote access another computer. is an alternative to AnyDesk, and it’s best for Cloud-based software for administration, technical support, and remote work who want to save time for problem-solving conveniently.

You can access another computer from a web browser without any software installation. Solutions Features

You can use for several solutions features. Such as technical support, remote work, system administration, and android devices. 

Here I’ve explored a few solutions for;

GetScreen Lifetime Deal and Features

System Administrator

Using, you can easily access your loyal clients and provide them with all kinds of services.

It’s a very reliable and user-friendly software that helps you to grow customer satisfaction.

Your clients need to install simple software into their computers, and you can connect your links to your client. 

Boom! Now you can remotely access your client’s computer.

You can use File manager, Snyc Clipboard, and Remote control.

GetScreen lifetime Deal - Techical Support

Technical Support

Due to communication inconveniences, almost 30% of issues remain unsolved. is the biggest solution for that problem. 

You can technically support your clients and customers with only four steps conveniently.

  • Create a deferred connection 
  • Send an invitation
  • The client need to accept the invitation
  • Ola! Now help your client.

You can Chat-Call, Connection record, File manager, and others. 

GetScreen lifetime Deal - Remote work

Remote Work

In this pandemic, the largest companies are switching to remote work. So they can save the official capacity and money. 

Every employee can work with you remotely via

For remote working, you need to;

  • Download their agent
  • Run in on a desktop you want to access
  • Go to a link generated by their agent
  • Access your remote desktop from a web browser

In remote work, you will get control features like;

Mouse & Keyboard control, Sync Clipboard, File manager, Audio transfer, Monitor selection, Mobile version.

GetScreen lifetime Deal - Integrations


You can connect your favorite chat support with

Plugin: It allows you to integrate with, Zendesk, Omnidesk, Jivo, and so many platforms.

You can connect with your Telegram support by installing their official bot. 

HTTP API: Using HTTP API, you can create a unique integration with your platform. has a super powerful API that helps you customize and personalize your remote desktop access to make it easier. 

Agent SDK: It’s a really awesome feature that allows you to make a remote access system into your own app or own platform.

Agent SDK has contained very small size, and it’s compatible with most programming languages. Pricing Plans

Use and compress your working time. comes with four pricing plans: Free, Starter, Optimal, and Premium.

Free is completely free. Get Started for FREE.

Starter Plan $4/mo:

  • Up to 10 desktop
  • Up to 3 invitations per day
  • 1GB size file share maximum
  • 1GB video recording
  • Other additional feaures

Optimal Plan $19/mo:

  • Up to 50 desktop
  • 5 Team members
  • Up to 100 invitations per day
  • 10GB size file share maximum
  • 20GB video recording
  • Other additional feaures

Premium Plan $19/mo:

  • Up to 50 desktop
  • 50 Team members
  • Unlimited invitations per day
  • Unlimited file size share maximum
  • 100GB video recording
  • Other additional feaures

Not satisfied with this pricing?

Okay! Here is Lifetime Deal From Appsumo (Only $99)

Appsumo Lifetime Deal Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Using, you can connect with your clients or customers with one click.

Your client’s no need to remember the password for remote connection; send a link and get connected.

Get lifetime access today!

ONE-TIME PURCHASE OF $99.00 $599.00

  • Lifetime access to
  • Up to 10 desktop
  • 50 Team members
  • 5 invitations per day
  • 4GB file size share maximum
  • 20GB video recording Lifetime Deal - plan Features

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Don’t lose your clients just because of quality support. is here for you. 

It’s a perfect Cloud-based remote access platform that allows you to connect with your clients and customers and work remotely. 

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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