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Deep Talk Lifetime Deal [$69] – Use Best AI For Your Customer Success

Text chat has been around for a while, but it’s not really in the same class as email or surveys.

What if you could get the same thing that these other systems do, but for free? And what if we told you that the best part is that you have a team of experts to help you do it?

Introducing Deep Talk.

Hey there. I’m Akram; I’ll discuss Deep Talk – the AI chatbot that allows your company to transform the text into data.

What is Deep Talk?

Deep Talk is an artificial intelligence software built for customer success, sales, and AI teams. 

It lets you easily analyze text, emails, chats, surveys, social networks, or general text data. 

Also, you can detect sales opportunities, complaints, leads, feature improvements, and more with AI. 

You can use it to alternative MonkeyLearn, Chattermill, and Amazon Comprehend.

It would be best for product owners and consumer service teams to analyze consumer data to improve customer satisfaction.

Deep Talk lets you analyze text data using advanced artificial intelligence models from multiple sources. 

You can easily transform chats, social posts, emails, surveys, and more into valuable data sets.

Deep Talk comes with great features of AI.

Deep Talk Features

Using Deep, you can track the most frequent topics with Sunburst Charts that show you root words and their most related terms.

Here are some features of Deep Talk below;

Deep Talk Lifetime Deal - Features


Deep Talk lets you experience the power of data science without hiring any AI team. 

Instead, it offers you a deep learning model as a service in a cloud base. Just upload your data or integrate one of the support services to extract all the insights and information from your social account.

You can add Whatsapp/chat conversations, emails, surveys or social networks, and more.


Deep Talk lets you quickly identify your customer’s problems, contacts, and conversations. 

  • Easy visualization of the topics
  • All messages sorted
  • Topic hierarchies up to 3 levels

You can follow the evolution that how are communications evolving? It lets you follow the most frequent topics daily on your emails, chats, social networks, and more.

Conversation Clusters

Deep Talk provides you a complete insight from your conversational data to make better decisions inside your teams for the future. 

Here you will get insights about;

  • Rank the topics
  • Time frames comparison
  • Organize the topic members


You can integrate Deep Talk with your favorite tools, such as;

  • Intercom
  • CSV file
  • Hubspot
  • HelpScout
  • Zendesk

Why Should You Use Deep Talk?

You can use Deep Talk in three different formats;

Without Code, With Code, and Upload-Run.

Without Code: If you don’t know Coding, you can still run deep learning models. And you will get to visualize the results.

With Code: Interestingly, if you have some coding skills, you can use their API that runs the models as a service from your terminal.

Upload-Run: Deep lets you upload your data or use their integrations to run the models. It will validate your data; that’s why you don’t have to worry about format mistakes.

Deep Talk Pricing Plans

DeepTalk lets you upload files by name, document type, creation date, or analysis status for easy tracking-management.

Deep Talk comes with four pricing plans;

Basic, Startup, Pro, and Enterprise.

Basic Plan $0/mo:

  • Up to 50.000 rows of data
  • Full Encryption
  • Integrations

Startup Plan $90/mo:

  • Up to 100.000 rows of data
  • Full Encryption
  • Integrations

Or, Get Deep Talk Lifetime Deal from Appsumo only for $69.00.

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Deep Talk Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Using DeepTalk, you will get the scoop on customer sentiment without your programming skills or expensive teams of data scientists.


  • Lifetime access to Deep Talk Startup Plan
  • Everything Startup Plan Features +
  • Up to 100,000 rows of data per month
  • Full Encryption

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DeepTalk provides different APIs that help you to integrate core services into their deep learning models, and you can run them on demand.

You can integrate with Hubspot, HelpScout, Zendesk, and others. 

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