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Appsumo Lifetime Deals of September 2021 – Best Offers

The price of any digital software or product is skyrocketing in the current market.

And the lifetime value of these products is more.

I am introducing Appsumo – The digital marketplace for entrepreneurs.

And these deals are available here for a Lifetime, and they are often discounted up to 97%.

Learn more about Appsumo.

In this article, I will show you Appsumo Lifetime Deals of September 2021.

Let’s drive into the topic;

1. KonnectzIT Lifetime Deal

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KonnectzIT is a no-code-required, drag-and-drop automation platform to automate your workflows using a visual connect builder. The world’s most affordable and accessible platform to automate your tedious manual tasks.

KonnectzIT is an alternative to Zapier and Integromat, and it’s best for Busy people who want to automate tasks or workflows without learning to code.

2. Nozzle Lifetime Deal

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Nozzle is a complete search engine results page (SERP) monitoring tool that gives you access to all the data for every keyword relevant to your brand.

With Nozzle, you can track SEO keywords on custom schedules, including pulling data hourly, daily, monthly, or quarterly.

3. Vidstep Lifetime Deal

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Vidstep is a technological platform for creating “how-to” guides and making “how-to” videos. It’s easy and efficient for creating step-by-step instructions for your remote team and online learning system.

Vidstep is an alternative to Loom and TechSmith! (can you imagine that?)

4. Acumbamail Lifetime Deal

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Acumbamail is a marketing platform that helps you grow your business with email campaigns that drive traffic to customized, responsive landing pages and others things. 

Acumbamail is an alternative to OctopusOmnisend, and Moosend, and it’s also best for marketing agencies and database management systems looking to improve their email outreach. 

5. Ocoya Lifetime Deal

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Ocoya is a marketing platform that helps you to create and schedule content, run and analyze your campaigns from one place.

Ocoya is the best for small businesses looking for complete content marketing solutions tools that save time and resources. 

With Travis™ AI, you can generate AI-powered copy in seconds. 

6. Outranking Lifetime Deal

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Outranking is an Advanced AI-powered writing and researching platform to create high-quality SEO-optimized content in a fraction of the time. 
Creating high-quality SEO content that ranks for your target keywords can be difficult. It often requires lots of research, time, and expertise to find out what works best.

7. VBOUT Lifetime Deal

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VBOUT is an all-in-one, powerful and easy-to-use marketing platform that allows making too easy marketing automation. 

VBOUT is an alternative to Hubspot Marketing, Activecampaign, and Sharpspring. It’s best for SMBs (Small And Midsize Businesses), Digital Agencies, Marketing Consultants, and Agency Partners who want easy-to-use marketing automation. 

8. Teyuto Lifetime Deal

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Teyuto is an online video hosting platform creator. You can create a VOD platform White Label in a few clicks.

Using Teyuto, you can distribute videos, stream live and monetize your videos worldwide in your OTT platform.

9. Ranktracker Lifetime Deal

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Ranktracker is an SEO platform where you can research keywords, analyze competitors, and track search engine rankings. 

Ranktracker is an alternative to SEMrush, Moz, and Mangools. It’s a profitable deal. 

10. Lifetime Deal

ThePromotes Image is a platform that lets you get summaries on the best business and personal development books.

It helps busy business leaders maximize their most precious resource, time.

11. Content Camel Lifetime Deal

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Content Camel is a content management system that allows organizing your content by funnel stage, content type, product, industry, or tag

Content Camel is an alternative to Highspot, and it is the best for marketing agencies and sales teams that want to organize their content assets better.

12. Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk Lifetime Deal

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Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk is an Al-Based Help Desk platform that will help you do Omnichannel support, Quick to scale, Easy to deploy, Powerful Analytics. It is an all-in-one Helpdesk platform.

Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk is an alternative to Tidio,, and Crisp and is recommended for those who want to deliver efficient and best-in-class customer support. 

Like; E-commerce stores, Startups, and small businesses

12. Listnr Lifetime Deal

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Listnr is an AI conversation tool that allows you to transform text to voice-based content using human, natural-sounding AI voice technology.

You can convert your blog post to high-quality audiobooks in just 2 clicks. 

Listnr is an alternative to SpeechifyVoice Dream, and Speechelo, and it’s the best for content creators, marketers, and bloggers who want to create realistic voice-based content.  

13. Smart Quiz Builder Lifetime Deal

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Smart Quiz Builder is a quiz-based lead generation and lead nurturing tool that allows you to build a quiz funnel and generate leads efficiently. 

It’s the most powerful Quiz and survey plugin for WordPress CMS. 

14. Agiled Lifetime Deal

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Agiled is an all-in-one business management platform that allows you to manage your business from one place instead of using different tools. 

With Agiled, you can manage clients, leads, finance, projects, tasks, employees, and more.

15. Wisecut Lifetime Deal

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Wisecut is an AI-powered voice recognition video editor that allows you to edit your videos and create jump cuts, subtitles, and many more. 

Using Wisecut, you can create engaging video content without spending much time in video editing. 

It works with AndroidiPhone Mac also in Windows machines. 

16. Voiceform Lifetime Deal

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Voiceform is an intuitive feedback tool that allows the creation of forms and surveys that your customer can answer with their voice. 

Using Voiceform, you can capture 4x more high-quality data in less time. Also, you can improve completion rates. 

17. Lynxshort Lifetime Deal

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LynxShort is a branded link shortener that allows you to brand, Track, and share your short links and engage with Your Users on a Different Level.

There’s no need for hard-to-remember links; personalize your links with easy-to-remember custom aliases.

18. ShortySMS Lifetime Deal

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ShortySMS is a text message solution powered by Appsumo Original. It allows you to make it more accessible and affordable to communicate with the audience and grow the brand. 

Using ShortySMS, you can easily engage and entice your best customers with SMS text messages (Only for U.S and Canada).

19. KPIBees Lifetime Deal

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KPIBess is a Google Sheets add-on that automatically connects and refreshes all your data sources to spreadsheets and allows you to manage your data in the most efficient way possible for your team. 

KPIBess is an alternative to Supermetrics and Zapier for Google Sheets, and it’s the best for marketing agencies and non-code tool builders who are looking for an easy way to connect data to spreadsheets update automatically.

20. Picmaker Lifetime Deal

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Picmaker is an AI-enhanced DIY design platform that allows anybody to create awesome professional designs in minutes. 

Picmaker is an alternative to  Canva, and it’s the best for Marketers, Influencers, Freelances, Designers, and Agencies who want to create professional designs quickly.

21. VectorGrove Lifetime Deal

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VectorGrove is a royalty-free vector and graphics platform with millions of design assets that help you create any professional design. 

It allows you access to 2 million+ royalty-free vectors and graphics. 

VectorGrove is an alternative to Envato Elements, and it’s best for Designers and Agencies who need a large number of vector graphics for their creative projects. 

22. VisualSitemaps Lifetime Deal

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VisualSitemaps is a web intel platform tool that autogenerates visual sitemaps and high-resolution screenshots of any public or private website in seconds. 

It will help you to create and collaborate on optimal sitemaps that are easy to understand.

VisualSitemaps is an alternative to Rarchy and PowerMapper, and it’s best for DesignersDevelopersMarketers, and Business agencies who want to plan successful websites and improve their UX.

23. SOUNDRAW Lifetime Deal

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SOUNDRAW is an AI-Powered music generator for all creators that allows you to freely customize the length, composition, and unique instruments that are 100% Royalty-Free.

Using SOUNDRAW, you can compose unique AI-generated musical tracks based on theme or mood.

24. Putler Lifetime Deal

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Putler is a multi-channel analytics tool that allows you to consolidate your data and provides insights on all aspects of your business so that you can make better decisions for the future.

 Using Putler, you will get consolidated data, and accurate reports on products, sales, customers, subscriptions, and visitors.

25. Adriel Lifetime Deal

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Adriel is an automated ad data management platform that allows you to connect all the data from your paid marketing channels in one easy-to-use dashboard. 

Using Adriel, you can monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of your paid ads in one place. 

26. Marble Lifetime Deal

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Marble is an easy-to-use course creator that allows you to turn yours into courses in a branded academy for marketing, customer training, onboarding, and other educational purposes.

 Using Marble, without any coding, you can create an online academy with unlimited users!

27. 11Sight Lifetime Deal

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11Sight is a browser-based mobile solution that allows you to one-click video and audio calls straight from your browser.

With 11Sight, you can video conference, and video meetings without downloading any app or software. 


Deals are given for a fixed period for each digital product.

Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. However, Appsumo can bring it back to the store if you want. So take it now if you need it.

Only Appsumo Lifetime Deals of September 2021 are briefed here.

On this site, some of the links are my affiliate links. That means when you will purchase something by using my link. I'll get a small commission. 
Remember: You don't have to pay extra for this commission. That small amount helps me to improve my service and site maintenance. 

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