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Adscook Lifetime Deal & Review – Best Facebook Ads Management Tool 2023

Facebook has been changing the way we market for the past few years, but it’s still challenging to maintain a highly engaging and on-point Facebook campaign.

What if we could share a platform that manages your Facebook and Instagram ads for you? And what if you could have access to the data on your Facebook and Instagram ads?

Introducing Adscook

Hey marketers, TP Staff is here; we discuss Adscook – a Facebook and Instagram advertising management platform.

What is Adscook?

Adscook is a Meta (Facebook/Instagram) ads management platform that allows you to launch and scale campaigns. 

You will get genuinely customizable monitoring tools that help you to run ads campaigns across multiple accounts.

You can use Adscook instead of and Revealbot. 

It would be the best for marketing and eCommerce owners who want a user-friendly social media ads management tool with powerful functionality.

Adscook lets you boost revenue from Facebook ads with its automated 24/7 monitoring tools. 

These tools will adjust campaign behavior based on your customized conditions.

Amazingly, you can create and launch 500+ ads across multiple Facebook accounts. 

Even it lets you analyze data across all accounts from a single dashboard. 

Adscook Features

Using Adscook, you can identify factors affecting ads performance in one dashboard.

Here are three amazing features that help you to run a robust ad campaign. 

Let’s have a look;

Adscook Lifetime Deal - Features

1️⃣ Ad Create

Using Adscook, you can create stunning ads in bulk, make group ads and audiences, also customize creatives, and much more. 

It will save time and focus on strategy and creativity. It lets you publish 100s of variations with a single click. 

A/B test any field: You can take complete control of what you test and how you find the winning combination.

Also, you can split your ads, ad sets, or both by any parameter. 

A/B test smartly: Adscook lets you group similar variants in one; you don’t spend extra budget and avoid creating dozens of messy ad sets and ads. 

Create once – Use forever: Interestingly, you can create ads and audiences in your asset library and tag them for navigation.

Also, you can group variants in one asset and use them in the campaign creation process. 

Save field presets: Adscook reduces your spending time with the automatic creation process. You can save your field values, such as (locations, interests, etc.,) will be saved as presets. 

You can just copy and paste whole fields from one asset to another. 

Maintain social proof: Using Adscook, you can find and select previous posts and easily keep social engagement. 

2️⃣ Ad Automation

With Adscook, you can set your ads on autopilot mode, which helps you save money, time, and energy. 

Define strategy: You can define your own strategy, which will automate any tactic you work with.

And it’s easy-to-use interface lets you easily create the most complex automation strategy. 

Trends: You can set conditions based on the trends, including fixed goals. 

Rank the metrics: In Adscook, you can set ranking conditions based on the relative metrics and identify better performance within a campaign.

Frequency: Remember that frequency is the accuracy that helps you check metrics as frequently as every 15 minutes to avoid missing small changes.

Notifications: You can always stay updated on email and slack about your ad campaigns.

Activity Logs: Lastly, you can check out exactly why and how rules manage your campaigns.

3️⃣ Action Analyze

Adscook lets you turn your data into insight that can make the right decisions and discover insights hidden in your data. 

With it, you can view the campaign’s performance in a whole new way. 

Multi-account: In Adscook, you will get a multiple-account dashboard that helps you to analyze the aggregated data from all your ad account. 

You don’t need to switch from one Facebook account to another. Instead, you can consolidate reports in a single dashboard.

Funnel analysis: You can see what moves the needle by checking dropoff rates from the funnel step. 

Adscook provides real-time funnel analysis that helps you quickly identify which parts need improvement to maximize conversions and ROI.

Compare periods: You can analyze the seasonality and behavioral patterns on micro and macro levels. In addition, you can predict what comes next for you.

Actionable reports: You can easily update your ads from your dashboard and bulk update multiple items.

Click here to learn more about Adscook.

Adscook Pricing Plans

Using Adscook, you can quickly organize ad creation and make your A/B testing fun.

Adscook comes with single plans with your ad spend limit;

Adscook Plan $29/mo:

  • Up to $5,000 ad spend limit per month
  • Create ads
  • Automated campaign monitoring and management
  • Create A/B variants
  • Save field presets
  • Copy & paste entire fields from one asset to another
  • Actionable and multi-account reporting

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Use Adscook; you can quickly scale Facebook ads and create 100s of ad variations in just a second.

You can automatically optimize your ads and monitor what affects the performance in a single dashboard. 

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