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Hey, Do you want such a fantastic platform for creating instructional demo videos?

You can create easy-to-follow and step-by-step instructions and product demo videos for your retail e-commerce products. 

Good thing there’s an intelligent way to create instructional video content that anyone can access and follow to understand and efficiently complete a task.

Yeah! I’m talking about Vidstep

What is Vidstep?

Vidstep is a technological platform for creating “how-to” guides and making “how-to” videos. It’s easy and efficient for creating step-by-step instructions for your remote team and online learning system.

Vidstep is an alternative to Loom and TechSmith! (can you imagine that?)

It’s best for eCommerce stores, sales teams, and marketers that want to make their “how-to” video content easier to digest. 

Using Vidstep, you can create helpful instructional sales demos and support videos for hybrid workplace team support, micro-courses, and product demos for your customer, students, or audience.

If you don’t have any ideas about video editing, never need to waste your valuable time. Without complex production or editing skills. You can create instructional guides. 

You need to upload your existing videos, description, and any resources documents. Boom“click, play, do.” 

Now let’s talk about some excellent features of Vidstep.

Vidstep Features 

Vidstep is an intelligent video for specialist instructional video content creators.

Some crucial features are described below.

Lifetime Deal on Appsumo features

Instructional Video Creation

With Vidstep, you can make an instructional video step-by-step in a minute. 

Using Vidstep, you can complete comprehensive instructions simply and effectively.

After creating Vidstep instructions, you will get all of sharing elements, like; a unique URL, embed code, and QR code, to share your videos across platforms.

You need to make sure your content is public to allow anyone to access, view, and share your content online. 

Never forget to mark as “Unlisted” content you don’t want to share with anyone else or are not ready to publish.

Work Space

You can create multiple workspaces for multiple businesses, brands, or teams. You will also be able to create multiple Hubs, which is like a channel within the workspace. 

Hubs can be different topics, business locations, departments, and others to keep your content organized. 

It’s really cool. Naa?

Click here you learn more about Vidstep.

Who should buy Vidstep?

Whether you’re an influencer, content creator, digital marketer, industry expert, or social media geek, Vidstep will give you something much more valuable than a simple video. 

Also, you have an e-commerce store product, and You can make some instructional videos about your demo products. Will you make it to the test once?

With Vidstep, you can make videos in a short time that help you to increase customer satisfaction. 

  •  Ecommerce stores
  • Sales teams
  • Marketers

Who wants to make “How-to” content. 

How much cost of Vidstep?

With Vidstep, you will be able to make instructional videos step-by-step according to your desire.

Vidstep has four plans; SHARE, BASIC, STANDARD, and PREMIUM.

STANDARD plans start at $19 per month, 25GB monthly upload limit, Access to all content, and other essential features. 

Is It so expensive? Try for free Vidstep

Vidstep lifetime deal available in Appsumo. Wanna see?

Vidstep Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Lifetime Deal on Appsumo

If you’ve ever screamed into the void while assembling furniture, you’d know the importance of good instructions. (“I never want to see another Allen wrench again.”)

With Vidstep, you can make your instructional and how-to videos easier to digest and follow by breaking down the content into steps.

Getting everyone up to speed is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Get lifetime access to Vidstep today!


  • All features
  • One user access
  • 25GB monthly upload limit
  • Unlimited steps to add to a Vidstep
  • Unlimited products to list in a Vidstep
  • View all content
  • Custom branding
Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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