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sec Lifetime Deal: Summarize Your Books Less 12 Minutes

Have you ever wondered how much time you spent learning something?
What if you could get an assistant with whom you could learn something in just 12 minutes?
Doesn’t it save you time?
Today, I will tell you about a tool that allows you to summarize the video, audio, and text formats for ease of use.


What is is a platform that allows you to get summaries on the best business and personal development books.

It helps busy business leaders to maximize their most precious resource, their time. is an alternative to Blinkist, and it’s the best for entrepreneurs and business leaders who want an ultra-efficient method to continue learning during their busy schedules. 

With, you can summarize your videos, audio, or texts in an easy-to-use method. 

Make your books faster than actual durations. It will help you with your personal development and save valuable time. 

Before you know why you need it for a person, you should look at its features and facilities.

How works

Using, you will get summaries on the best business and personal development books. 

Here I’ve described some features of; Lifetime Deal features

Book Summary Service

With, you can summarize your books into a comprised media that saves time and engages you in the learning experience. 

If you are leading a leadership, then you may be on a busy schedule. But for your learning interests, you need a platform that gives you a more convenient learning method. 

Business Ideas 

Busy Schedule! Less Time!!
Well, you have a proper solution for your business ideas. Already has summarized the world’s most essential and popular business books into 12 min videos, audios text that helps you never miss any big business idea anymore. 

You can make engage your entire team with the same ideas as you. 

Leadership Development

The membership community of, can be benefited from their leadership development program. 

The leadership content can help you learners that will be loveable.

Learn more about

Who needs

For an Entrepreneur, Professional Business Leader who wants to improve their book learning experience and enjoy a more effective learning experience. 

They should need such a platform that can fulfill their desired demand. can get that solution media. 

How much cost of

Using, you will be able to make your Book shorter than its actual duration.

It will make ar person’s life easier and save time effectively. has three plans; Individual Plan, Small Group, and Unlimited Group Plan

Individual Plan starts at $29 per month, including One user access and Full access to the Library

Are you want to pay monthly? I don’t think so!

Would it be better to buy it at Lifetime Deal?

Good News for you! Lifetime Deal On Appsumo is available only for $79 Lifetime Deal: Appsumo

Lifetime Deal on Appsumo

Why collect business books so that they can collect dust?

Now you can use audio, video, and text summaries to turn your downtime into a valuable chance to get ahead. is your secret weapon to being the most well-read person in the room (hey, we won’t tell if you don’t).

Get lifetime access to today!


  • Lifetime access to Individual Plan
  • All current and future book summaries
  • Full access to the library for yourself

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Do you have anything more valuable than time?

The more you want to learn in the middle of your busy schedule, you will spend more time.

So what you need is a solution that doesn’t slow down the experience of learning your book even when you’re busy. is a solution for you. According to the pricing plan, its lifetime price is $499 for the Individual Plan.

But you can get it now on Appsumo for only $ 79 lifetime.

Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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