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Nozzle Lifetime Deal & Review 2023 | Best Keyword Rank Tracker

Are you getting all the SERP data you need from your keyword rank tracker tool? 

I wish you could analyze all your SERP competitions? Isn’t it?

What if you get a will that allows you to comprehensively monitor your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) data with 100 percent accurate information?

I’m talking about Nozzle

Nozzle is the comprehensive SERP monitoring tool that gives you data for every keyword. 

Say hello to Nozzle

What is Nozzle?

Nozzle is a complete search engine results page (SERP) monitoring tool that gives you access to all the data for every keyword relevant to your brand.

With Nozzle, you can track SEO keywords on custom schedules, including pulling data hourly, daily, monthly, or quarterly.

Nozzle is an alternative to STATBrightEdge, and seoClarity, and it’s best for SEO managers, analysts, consultants, and marketers who want a deep analysis of their SERP data. 

You can manage and analyze the SERP presence of digital assets and compare provided data to your direct competitors in your business.

Using Nozzle, you can frequently track essential keywords. You will also see your competitors’ rankings up and down and retain the ranking positions yourself.

Okay, Let’s see some features of the Nozzle. 

Nozzle Features

Nozzle is a complete search engine results page (SERP) monitoring tool. 

Some of the features described below

Nozzle Lifetime Deal & Review 2021 Features

Tracking & Monitoring

With Nozzle, you will get 100% SERP visibility of the data of your focus keyword. With other SERP tracking tools, you are tied to a single domain, but with Nozzle, you can track as many search engine rank positions as you want.

These features allow Nozzle to perform robust competitive analyses between other brands, individual properties, and even URLs.

Track external blogs, PR releases, guest posts on external domains, and Quora results; also track using Custom Rules and automatic & dynamic competitive views. 

Competitive Analysis 

Unlimited competitors for free. You can do this by the brand, property, or even URL to get aggregated or detailed comparisons as needed.

Use Nozzle to view which domains or URLs own the most top three or top 10 positions for each keyword group.

Flexible Scheduling

Nozzle is the first and only search engine position tool to offer flexible and real-time schedules.

No need to pay extra money for long-tail keywords; Nozzle will split your keywords into as many different scheduling buckets as you want. 

So, What else do you want?


There are so many features that it is worth mentioning.

See some data examples below;

Metrics, Keyword Groups, Rank and Ad-adjusted rank, pixel height, and even click-to-call phone numbers are just a few examples of the immense detail we give you on the SERP.

I can’t explain what you will get there. 

Agency Tools

You can use unlimited users for a single account, and Nozzle won’t include any charges. 

 Everyone can aggregate views and bulk keyword management. 

It’s so sweet! Naa?

Okay, now, let’s talk about costing of Nozzle.

Larn more about Nozzle features. 

Nozzle Pricing 

Nozzle is a Search Engine Rank Position Tracker Tool; compared to other similar tools, It has unique features and facilities.

Nozzle comes with four pricing plans; Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. 

Basic plan starts at $59 per month (Monthly billing), including 10,000 Pulls, Unlimited user, and other features. 

But you have a chance to get a Nozzle Lifetime deal from Appsumo.  

Nozzle Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Lifeitme Deal Appsumo

Without the proper monitoring, your SEO strategy sounds as vague as Timmy Turner’s explanation for all of his fairy godparents’ presents. (“Uhhh… Internet?”)

Nozzle allows you to monitor your entire online presence through SERP keyword analysis.

Think more significant than just being #1 on the search results—it’s time to take over the entire first page.

Get lifetime access to Nozzle today!


  • All Basic Plan Features
  • Unlimited competitor analysis
  • Flexible real-time scheduling
  • SERP data
  • Agency tools
  • Integrations
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