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What if all your task is completed on a single platform without completing one app/website?  (“At this point, I’m getting the Calm app so Harry Styles can help me relax.”)

What if all the regular tasks like collecting data, invoicing, and tracking CRM statuses were combined into one tool using only one platform instead of using 15 different tools?

Yes! Here we will discuss a tool with which you can control everything mentioned above.

Does it increase your workflow?

It will save you time significantly, and it will speed up your work a lot. 

I’m talking about KonnectzIT.

Meet KonnectzIT.

What is KonnectzIT?

KonnectzIT is a no-code-required, drag-and-drop automation platform to automate your workflows using a visual connect builder. The world’s most affordable and accessible platform to automate your tedious manual tasks.

KonnectzIT is an alternative to Zapier and Integromat, and it’s best for Busy people who want to automate tasks or workflows without learning to code.

With KonnectzIT, you can enjoy your earned free time on other productive tasks. Because it will save your time significantly and it will speed up your work a lot. 

If you feel bored with making automation by the traditional ladder technique, then KonnectzIT is here for you.

Make your daily tasks automated within minutes by using a visual flow builder of KonnectzIT.

Okay! Now let’s talk about the features. 

KonnectzIT Features

KonnectzIT is the smart way to connect & automate applications with a drag-and-drop visual builder. 

It has some remarkable features, some of them describe below.

KonnectzIT Lifetime Deal and Review Features


Just select, Connect, and Boom! Something like that. You can automate your apps or website within a second just by drag and drop method. 

Choose the authorized applications from KonneczIT’s integration library and Configure the actions and fields using flow builder to start the sync.

Work in no-code, drag-and-drop automation platform

WebHooks in Action

By default, you will get many popular apps. But if you do not find the app you need. Then you can add it from “Webhook Apps.”

The rich app library is constantly growing and currently features 350+ apps for communication, CRM, scheduling, payments, and more.

Not convenient?

Visual Connect Builder

No matter how complex your workflow is, Visual connect builder will help you visualize the automation setup while configuring the tasks.

What are you waiting for to automated your workflows?

No Coding Skill Required

Suppose you don’t have any idea about HTML/CSS or others scripting or programming languages. Don’t worry about that.

KonnectzIT is an all-over visual for a non-coder person. You can build your automation.

See more features about KonnectzIT in Appsumo. 

KonnectzIT Pricing

Well, Konnect is the world’s most affordable and accessible platform to automate your tedious manual tasks.

KonnectzIT has come with four plans; FREE, PRO, TEAM, and AGENCY. 

There are many limitations to the FREE plan. 

PRO plan starts at $19 per month includes 15000 Tasks / Operations, Unlimited KonnectzIT, 5 minutes intervals, and other regular features.

Don’t worry, Have a lifetime deal in Appsumo

Lifeitme Deal Appsumo

KonnectzIT Lifetime Deal in Appsumo

Automations are supposed to save you time, but it defeats the purpose if you’re always spending time figuring out how to build them. (Oh, the cruel irony.)

KonnectzIT’s visual workflow builder allows you to build your automation in minutes—no coding necessary quickly.

Connect your favorite apps and automate your workflows in a flash!

Get lifetime access to KonnectzIT today!

One Time Purchase of $199.00 $599.00

  • 4,000 tasks and operations total per month
  • Unlimited Konnectz
  • 5-minute interval
  • Multi-step workflows
  • Formatters
  • Filters and conditions
  • Premium apps
  • Webhooks apps
  • Folders
Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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Did you Check our Integration Library?

It bags lots of integration on the library to connect & automate your favorite Marketing, CRM, Payments, Storage, Communication, and many more applications. You can also add your apps from WebHook App. 

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