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Inverviewer.AI Review & Lifetime Deal 2021 – Recruit Better Candidates

Are you hiring an employee of your company?  But it takes a long time to find a skilled and qualified candidate in search of more candidates. 

I think it’s really boring for you and a time-consuming process to hire the best candidate for a company or office.

Well, Let’s introduce Inverviewer.AI, which is an artificial intelligence program for recruiting skilled and experienced candidates among all candidates. 

What is Interviewer.AI?

Interviewer.AI is an artificial intelligence video software that will help you recruit the best company employees. It allows you to pick up qualified and professional candidates before getting one-to-one interviews. 

Do you want a powerful, easier, smart, faster, and more confidential platform than other hiring sectors? Look at the Artificial Intelligence of your recruiting tool, Interviewer.AI. 

It’s best for recruitment teams and hiring managers who want to review only qualified candidates in their company. 

It allows sorting irrelevant resumes or applications before starting to review candidates. It saves you time. The skills of pre-interviewed candidates can be verified through artificial intelligence using video records or voice clips.

Interviewer.AI is the alternative to RecRight, HireVue, and Vidcruiter. 

Interviewer.AI Features 

Interviewer.AI comes with many AI-based technologies, making your recruitment process much easier. It saves you valuable time and will help you find skilled candidates.

Some of the features- 

Interviewer.AI features

Resume Scoring

In Interviewer.AI, “Resume Scoring” is the most efficient and effective dashboard. Its AI-Powered will help you to sort with various scores. 

It will give you the Overall Score, Experience, Education, and Skills scores as well. 

Asynchronous Video Interview

You can ask your pre-interviews candidates a few basic questions via video interview, and Interviewer.AI’s artificial intelligence can sort them with applicants’ talent. 

It will help you to get potential candidates before a face-to-face interview. 

Is it not valuable for your recruitment process?

Talent Pool

Which candidates are applying from where in your job application, and what skills are possessed? It has the advantage of being easily filtered.

Even you can search candidates by their Name, Location, Job title, and Application Status in the Talent Pool.

Share Candidates

After hiring managers assess a candidate, they can share the candidate’s resume or digital profile. 

The candidate’s digital profile will include a resume, LinkedIn, video response, and AI scores.

Competency-based Questionnaires

There are many pre-made questions according to your job category, which you can choose as a pre-interview if you want.
You can also add your own questions. 

By answering those questions, candidates will be able to make very good interview prep, and it will also be a huge time-saver for hiring managers. 

Questions about your job will enhance the job candidate’s interview skills.

Data-driven Insights

It’s not the least important. All the data insights of the candidate will appear in front of you in this dashboard. As a result, your recruitment process will be more effective and efficient.

For a specific region talent pool or in the gender talent pool, you can select them from the Data-driven insights dashboard. 

Well, here are some of the features discussed so you can get an idea of the basics.

Wouldn’t that really benefit your hiring process?

Interviewer.AI Pricing 

Interviewer.AI has a total of 4 pricing tags, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Enterprise.

Here you will find Bronze Package, 3 Live Jobs, 100 Candidates, Adding a Company Logo, Custom Designed Questionnaire, and a maximum of 1 user.
The monthly price of the bronze package is $99.

Don’t worry about the pricing; Appsumo has a lifetime deal, which is an affordable price.

Interviewer.AI appsumo lifetime deal

Interviewer.AI Lifetime Deal Appsumo

(The snake will die and the stick will not break. It will give you exactly those benefits.)

This will bring the right person into your team and make your hiring process more smooth.

Will you still be sitting in the analog era? This may be the best choice for you in this COVID pandemic. Get lifetime access to Interviewer.AI.

SINGLE TIME PAYMENT OF $99.00 $1188.00

  • All Silver Plan Features
  • 3 live jobs
  • 50 candidates per job
  • 1 user(s)
  • Custom logo and branding
Note: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to Appsumo. So take it now if you need it.

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